Indiana State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Some of the instructors don't speak English well or they don't communicate with the students well


the dorms are to old and out dated


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the attendance policy. I know going to class is important in order to succeed, but I don't think it should be required, meaning it shouldn't be worth points. Last semester, I received so many points from atendance in a class that I could fail a test, and it wouldn't change my grade. That's not right. Also, there are some class sessions that are a waste of time, so as college students, we should be able to make the decision to go without worrying about losing points.


The lack of student parking and nothing to do.


It seems like there are not enough retention programs. There needs to be more help for the students. The university as a whole needs to get involved and I feel that the students need to get involved as well, which is why I joined the first year programs.


The most frustrating thing about the school that i currently attend is the weather that occurs during the spring semester. It snows or rains pretty much everyday and it's rough walking across campus to arrive to your class. At least once every month, I see someone fall because of the ice or something.


The most frustrating thing to me about my school is the transition from high school work to college work.


The most frustrating thing about my school, in my opinion, are the professors. In some ways, I feel as if the professors just want to do their jobs and get out. They don't seem to want to stay and help students succeed. This is not all professors, just some.


Parking! It's hard to find a parking spot


The trains that are around campus. They are loud and sometimes disrupt class.


The most frustrating thing, for me, is the outrageous price of education. Not only is there high tuition, but also book prices. I have a job on campus, but students are not allowed to work more than 20-some hours a week. I have car payments, insurance, and gas to pay for, too. Its like they make a higher education next to impossible for students like me.


Its not what Ive expected. When I first got here I thought I was somebody special, people made me feel at home, and my classes were good. But when I really needed financial help the people who were helping me made mistakes that lost me 2 scholarships and a grant. And when I tried to fight for them I was fighting for them alone. After fighting for 2 months, I was finally able to get help from this school. All I needed was one phone call but it took 1 month for them to make it.


The cost it is very expensive and they dont give much money


The most frustrating thing is the beginning of the semester trying to get in touch with the financial aid office.


The most frustrating thing about ISU is that a small handful of teachers assign heavy amounts of homework with short deadlines under the assumption that theirs is the only class that matters, leaving the student under large amounts of stress to complete all assignments on time and at a high quality level.


Finding time between deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan to fit in school.


The most frustrating thing about my my school is the fact of adjusting from high school to college.


The most frustrating thing about Indiana State University is its website. It is very difficult to navigate and find information. Many times you will have to call an office to get the information. Some of the links do not work as well.


The most frustrating thing to me is that I am taking my classes on the internet verses face to face. I enjoy being around people and interacting with the young and the older adult in a class room setting. Therefore, in the upcoming semesters, I will be trying to get into the face to face class.


There is a lot of racial tension. Also, a lot of people are not respectful of the way other people live their lives.


The most frustrating thing about Indiana State is the surroundings around it. There is absolutely nothing in Terre Haute to keep students occupied, except for the two Wal-Marts.


Ther is nothing frustrating about my school. I love being a student at Indiana State university.


There is a lot to offer at Indiana State University. I feel you can get involved in many ways, however, at times I feel certain activities are more focused on than others and I think Indiana State University could improve the balance of all the activities.


The most frustrating thing about being in college is balancing everything. Finding time to finall that you would like to finish, including church, school work, sports, extracurricular activities, job, work, and family. As a student, it is important to have priorities set in place when you come to school; knowing what is most important in life will allow you to weed out all other less profitable activities. This prioritization will also help prepare you for life after college. The sooner you learn to put first-things-first, the better.


There aren't enough parking spaces.