Indiana State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I like that it is a smaller school. I can get to anywhere on campus walking in 10 minutes or less. Also the professors are easy to get along with and interact with the students. Indiana State University is also ranked for our community engagement.


I love the fact that professors get involved in the lives of their students.


I love the small class sizes. The professors in my major at least are always willing to work with you and they all know my name.


Indiana State University has a small-town atmosphere with a big-city educational feel. ISU is close to libraries, bowling alley, malls, & shopping centers, while within walking distance to many activities. Wonderful professors, excellent faculty and friendly, helpful support staff make this university a very personable one. The education is top-notch and amenities for students exceed expectations. From day one, you will feel welcome and at home.


I like the orientation programs. The staff here on campus get actively involved in bringing in the new students. When I first started I was sure that I was coming after orientation, it really pulled me in.


In my opinion, the best thing about Indiana State University is the quality of professors and faculty. The faculty here are extremely knowledgable about their subject matter; furthermore, they significantly care about their students and work with them in order to help them be academically successful.


The best thing about my school, in my opinion, would be the size. The number of people that attend Indiana State is around 10,000 which is not too small, but big enough to the poitn where it feels like an actual college. Also the class sizes make it so that the professor can learn your name easily. I think that's a great aspect.


The best part about ISU is the feeling of community. It's a very small and secure campus and I feel safe here. I love the sense of togetherness and the strong learning environment that our campus provides. Being able to walk from class to class within ten minutes and seeing people that I know and recognize on my way to and from classes is a real comfort. I can truly feel at home here and I definitely needed that as an incoming freshman.


The financial aid and support to help you succeed in life is beyond what is normally expected from a University. As long as you have your mind set right ISU will show the right direction.


The best thing about ISU is that no matter if you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior they have something for everyone. I am a senior and part of the Distance Learning program. Distance learning can you help greatly if you can not actually get to the school. I live in Pennsylvania and I am able to take classes at a school over a 10 hour drive away from me.


I consider the classes to be the best thing about my school. They are just the right size about 20 to 30 people per class. There can be alot more for general education classes and a lot less for classes in your major. I have had as few as 10 people in a class


The best thing about my school is that it is not too far from home but at the same time not too close.


The best thing about my school is the people. The professors here take time to help you one on one as well as others who assist you in your quest to earn a degree.


The best thing about Indiana State University is the variety of programs offered. I chose this university because it was one of the few that has the type of program I want for my major. Within the programs, there are many people who are passionate about what they do who will help you get through the program and prepare you for a career using what you have learned.


the reputation it has got over the wrold, it is a well reputed unviersity and good teachers


Small classrooms, good campus size


I would consider the best thing about Indiana State University to be the people. The friends I have met have been more than I could have ever imagined. Also, the fact that my college has allowed me to find my true passion.


I believe the best thing about ISU is the small classroom sizes. The majority of my classes never exceed 40 students. I feel that this small classroom setting make the learning experience much more personal between professors and their students. Many of my professors know their students by name, which makes the students more comfortable with them. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who likes the idea of learning in a small personal setting.


engaging and educated staff... they are always willing to help you out...


I deeply appreciate the social experience and how my college career changed me into a better person and my whole outlook on life. I have learned from bad mistakes, and helped many others from my experiences. My four years here I did learn a thing or two in the classroom but in real life terms I learned more about myself and others then any other instituition or person could ever possibly do.


It is a great value for the money. Small campus easy going and friendly. close knit campus community


The Professors are wonderful at Indiana State. I felt comfortable talking to them,and they were all willing to help. They were all very friendly ( for the most part).


the student interaction with each other.