Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


UMKC offers a chance to view the world outside of one's own perspective.


My school has an amazing campus and is a great starting place for anyone pursuing a health career.


The Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis is a diverse college campus with supportive, scholarly staff members and highly inclined students who are all engaged to learning.


IUPUI has many career and internship opportunities located in the center of a large city. Many hospitals and businesses surround the school, and its nursing, medical, and business schools are top in the state and country. The atmosphere has a high focus on academics and research as well as community and community service.


IUPUI a great place to go to college because they offer a wide array of majors and many classes that I had no idea even existed; for all that it offers, IUPUI is a great investment for one's future.


A great place to reach your full potential.


IUPUI has an extraordinarily diverse campus; that is involved consistently with the community.


IUPUI is a commuter campus and therefore does not have a lot of student-to-student connections.


Nice campus with great surroundings, right in the middle of downtown.


IUPUI is very organized, diversified, centrally located but can still have small class sizes to make you feel comfortable.


Densely populated with terrible parking


My school is a great school. There are many things to do and also get into. There is a alot of diversity here so you wont feel left out. My campus is easy to get aroung because where not a big campus where so so its easy to find your classes and get around place to place. Also another gret thing is that my school is located downtown of indianapolis so there is so much to do we get to go to pacers game and also go to colts football game. There is much to do here at my school.


IUPUI is very diverse and welcoming.


My school is very open, fun, Down-Town accessible, and a great place to learn.


well focused and a devoted center for excellent academic learning.


My school is an energetic place flowing with friendly, helpful people


IUPUI is an awesome college campus that I would recommend to anyone!


IUPUI is one of the largest campuses in Indiana with the characteristics of a tight-knit community of people as in a small campus.


My school is accesible, fun, difficult and accepting.


Located in the biggest sports city in the country.


This school is very community-based, with a strong emphasis on academia.


A friendly urban campus that welcomes all ages to learn.


It was the best choice for me.


The IUPUI campus is a great blend of city life with a more country setting on the campus, and they have an amazing science program.


My school, IUPUI, is a unique college. It is Indiana University and Purdue University combined. Because IUPUI is made up of two large universities, it offers a variety of degrees and programs. Many schools make up the university I attend, such as the School of Education, The Kelly School of Business, and the School of Medicine. Almost everyday, their is a campus activity taking place which vary. My school is very interested in service learning and studying abroad. I'm very happy with my choice of attending IUPUI.


It is a large school with a very diverse population and a large amount of majors.


IUPUI is a very eclectic group of adults, that are interested in making their lives better for the future.


It is like being in highschool with more freedom.


IUPUI is a nice college but does not feel like a college campus due to the lack of school spirit.


IUPUI is a very well rounded school with mulitple programs. There are many benefits of this school because of the location in downtown Indianapolis, which allows for many different activities.


IUPUI is a diverse, commuter college that is close to my home.


The campus and professors are great, but sometimes it's hard to get through some of the red tape.


A very creative lively atmosphere to learn from teachers and other art students.


A commuter campus that is striving for a real college feel and is working very hard at achieving that feel.


It was a nice contrast to the conceptual , private institution that I could not afford.


IUPUI is where you go when you don't have parents to help you go somewhere else and you don't want to work in a drive through.




IUPUI is a place where friendships will be made and memories will last a lifetime.


IUPUI is an exciting, beautiful, and incredible atmosphere to expand your mind and extend your knowledge.


commuter school, so many students, but small enough classes to get a quality education and meet close friends.


My school is very diverse and accepting of those who are different.


This school is mostly focused on academics, research, and career finding with little emphasis on social events for the students.


My school is very energetic and creates a great atmosphere for those who wish to succeed in what they love to do.


A school inside of indianapolis that has alot to offer and small class sizes.


A somewhat small school with great classes and proffesors that is very affordable and is worth every penny with the amount of extra-curricular and internship possiblities tied into the campus.


A flexible, quality education, at a low cost.


It has numerous resources.