Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are not interested in school, and most are not qualified to be in the program. They are lazy and the school is so easy that that everyone gets A's even though they are incompetent, and could never seriously consider making a career out of their major.


My classmates are a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds in which I am actually a minority due to the fact I am Caucasian, and I have two classmates that are Muslim and wear Hijabs.


Most of them inspire me, and I think it is a really beautiful experience to be around so many people who are in an intentional learning space - it leaves room for compassion and understanding between people, as we are all just learning. I think that is how the world should feel. Of course, there are also times when this isn't true, but more often than not the understanding comes eventually.


My classmates are an extremely diverse group of individuals that are all here for the same reason, and that reason is to better ourselves as people and to get an education despite their walks of life.


My classmates are personable and driven; always ready for a good laugh, but also passionate about their education and advancing to the next step.


My classmates are great and helpful if I ever have any questions or comments I know that I can go to them and they will be right there to help me out.


Some surprise me with their different take on ideas and assignments for classes.


My classmates are very diverse - from every culture, race, religion; they are a very friendly, open and helpful group of people.


As a Mexican-American from the suburbs of chicago, IUPUI was not as diverse as where I grew up but it was probably the most diverse campus in Indianapolis. I feel like IUPUI gives more opportunities for students of all cultural backgrounds than any other Indiana colleges. It is not too difficult to get accepted into IUPUI but it isn't too easy too stay either. It does take a good amount of dedication and hard work. Even though there were not many Mexicans at IUPUI, I never felt out of place. I enjoyed meeting fellow students from different ethnic backgrounds. It was very easy to get to know them because most of my classes required us to work in groups that were randomly selected. Most students at IUPUI were from Indiana, so there were times when I felt misunderstood but never uncomfortable. On campus, there was never an atmosphere of "cliques". So tables at the food court were usually a mixture of students. Most students took school as their job instead of a social playground. I felt like most students were politically aware but not overly active. The Obama and McCain election stirred up a lot of conversations and debates but all educational.


No group of students in IUPUI will feel unwelcome. IUPUI harbors a mixture of students from all over the world including African students, Asian students, European students and every part of the world. I am personally an african student and a part of a program called International Peer Mentoring Program in IUPUI. This program provides support for International students who are aspiring to attend IUPUI right from when they are still back in their home country and preparing to come here. We provide them with updated information on what they will be needing, dates that they need to put into close consideration and everything else vital to their safe arrival. We continue to help them around campus when they arrive until they are confident to be on their own. IUPUI provides a ton of scholarships and grants, too many to be mentioned. One of the most recently invented amazing scholarships is the graduation incentive grant that provides $2500 per semester for student who have been registered as a part-time student in the past and wants to begin to register as a full time student in order to graduate within 2 years. Isn't that cool! You can now see why IUPUI is the place to be Numerous on campus jobs opportunities, various career support centers, scholarship sponsored student positions, faculty, alumni and departmentally financed scholarships make paying for school in IUPUI as easy as ABC. This link will provide more information about IUPUi scholarships


So much variety!! The first two weeks of school, you will perform more handshakes than you have previously done in your entire life.


IUPUI has a casual feel to its undergraduate students. There are occasions such as speeches and presentations in which students are required to dress business casual. The IUPUI student is not defined as any one archetype, but arise from many different backgrounds and aspirations. As to tolerance and freedom of speech at IUPUI, a speech concerning the lack of gay rights in America won the Spring 2011 campus wide competition.


IUPUI is friendly and facilitating to people from all walks of life: whether you are handicapped, muslim, gay, poor, black, asian, transgendered, you name it! I think it would be impossible for anyone to feel out of place at our school. Most students are laid back and casual. We have a newly completed, high budget Campus Center that functions as our student union and cafeteria. There is even a movie theater and game room in the basement. I have interacted with students from different ethnic, religious, educational and financial backgrounds throughout my entire educational career at IUPUI. Some of the students are openly political, and will write or advertise websites or protests in chalk on the sidewalks or with flyers or posters.


Most of my classmates were responsible students that took their education seriously and acted on the level unionism (as a whole).


Some are over achievers and some are laid back.


most are focused on their goals, especially getting accepted into graduate or professional school.


Walking around campus one can find a few good ideas as the students make you feel eager to learn, ready to lend you their hand--without that pretentious feeling that could obstruct the powerful learning environment our student body embodies!


There is a very diverse group of different students, on different levels or similar to your level based on course level.


all ages, all types of people--very diverse


My classmates were outgoing, hard-working, and always ready for a good time.


Very focued and driven.


My classmates are an amazing group of diverse individuals, whom I enjoy spending time with and whom I can learn many things from.


They are usually diverse and opinionated.


I have yet to take a class at IUPUI, but the people that I have come into contact with thus far at the school are more than friendly and willing to help, they are actually genuine, kind human beings.


My classmates are a lot different than they were in high school. They are of different cultures and backgrounds, and many different views. I can meet different people every day and you never sit by the same person usually. They are for the most part very personable and are very helpful if you have a question.


My classmates are very supportive, aventurous and refreshing.


My classmates came from all over the state of Indiana. All of my classmates were really nice and willing to help. One in particular moved her a year ago from Kenya. I was put in a program called The Themed Learning Community. The same 25 people were in all of my classes the first semester of Freshman year. It was really nice having small class sizes and being able to really get to know one another. I learned the most from Winnie, who is from Kenya. She has really opened my eyes to different cultures.


My classmates, here at IUPUI, are actually very helpful, in that, they try to help you in whatever way you need be it borrowing notes or just studying together, and they also tend to be very friendly so that on the first day of classes you do not feel like you are in a room full of strangers, but rather a room full of potential friends or study-buddies.


As compared with myself, my classmates seem young, and they are still trying to discover themselves.


The classes are typically larger classes so you don't meet everyone in your class, but most of the students seem to be hardworkers that have determination.


My classmates are young and older, since I got to college online there is a variety. They are friendly but I do not get to know them as well as most college students know their fellow classmates, or only way of communication is through the computer.


I am in an accelerated BSN program and my classmates are mature, motivated, dedicated, and focused on learning course content and exceeding during clinicals.


My classmates are eager to learn in order to make the most of their lives.


My classmates are energetic, friendly, and interested in learning.


wide varity many do not want to be in school but know that they need it.


They are friendly, social, diverse, and all around nice people.


Friendly Out going Social


My classmates have proved to be both attentive and well versed in the content of the courses.


Enthusiastic and hard working from diverse backgrounds.


Very outgoing. Very understanding and respectful of everyone.


My classmates are helpful, caring and come from many different backgrounds.


My classmates are usually really nice and willing to offer a helping hand.


It takes time to know your classmates, but once you get to know them you may become friends. They are easy to get along with.


The students are very diverse, with many married students, students with children, and a lot of older students who have previous degrees.


Very willing to help.


Kind people with a genuine desire for a better future.