Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our campus is known for its diversity and expertice in education in the medical field. We host a variety of medical programs, including the IU School of Medicine, and also several prominent research facilities.


The Regatta is a one day event each year that many people go to on campus that lets you enjoy life by paddling and competing in groups against other teams on the canal. It is really exciting and lots of fun. There is also a welcoming week every year where there are free t-shirts and food given out for new students on campus.


It is a combined school of IU and Purdue. They have TONS of great programs here. For example, we have the business program that IU is so well-known for. We also have great math programs that Purdue is known for.


I think it's sad that you could consider start of the term traffic and parking congestion as a school 'tradition.' While we do have a winter dance, speech night finals, career fairs, regattas, conferences, speakers, charity walks, and other such things, there are no true on campus traditions at IUPUI.


IUPUI appears to be widely known for bringing students together. IUPUI is about making friends, sharing common interests, and enjoying your college experience. The bridge program allows students to connect before the school year even begins and start building strong friendships.


Purdue Engineering




a growing urban campus that offers over 200 degrees.


Parking lot students, these are people who drive to compus leave their car to go to class and go back to their car to go home or wait for their next class. This is a sad concept, but happens quite a great deal.


Their science programs.


The downtown expierence.


IUPUI seems to focus more on academics than sports. IU does not allow it to have a football team and it is primarily a commuter campus so there is less partying. I am a transfer student. I transfered from IU because of money issues but so far it is not stuffy like some colleges. It's very open, friendly, welcoming and unintimidating.


Deaf Education, Art, Music, Teacher Education, liberal education


Getting a job in downtown Indianapolis areas


IUPUI is best known for its great Nursing program.


I would say my school is best know for being in downtown Indianapolis.


I would say we are best known for a good education at a great tuition price. Also, our diversity- I love meeting people from every corner of earth. Speaking of that, we are environmentally friendly and have recycling in most buildings. IUPUI is a big attraction in Indianapolis and we are right in the middle of the city, it's exciting. We also get a lot of guest speakers and professionals who are very encouraging.


My school is best known for being a great place to get a degree. Very helpful and respectful to students. The facilites are new and riight in the heart of Indianapolis for easy access to anywhere around the city.


it's growth. as a commuter school it has grown so much over the last 4 years and has added a ton of new departments including new media, infomatics, and graduate art programs.


The university of IUPUI has been acknowledged for many of its accomplishments, all in all i find it best known for its great art and business schools.


Definitely their academics and research.


Being well established and organized in its's programs.


Nursing and IU Kelley school of business