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What is unique about this school compared to others I considered is that this school is a communiting school, meaning most students live off camous. This school is also located right in downtown Indianapolis, which can be quite entertaining.


IUPUI is located directly downtown, ideal for the city girl in me. I also live right outside of Indianapolis so I don't have to spend thousands of dollars extra to live in a smelly old dorm.


My school offers a variety of hospitals to obtain a diverse amount of experience. Our clinical schedules allow the students to try different areas and different types of hospitals so we can really determine where we want to be after graduation.


It's extremely diverse.


What is unique about IUPUI is the campus is small all the buildings fit on two streets but there is over 30,000 students that are enrolled. IUPUI is a commuter school, so it is hard to get involved and have people stay on campus. Those are the downside as to why it is unique. People come to learn that is about it. But IUPUI is also the third largest growing campus in the US. It does have a lot of potential to be a great a school and they have a lot planned out to add the schools campus.


has a lot of organization within the school and the faculty professors are very helpul


Every fall IUPUI has a Regatta to kick start the beginning of a new year. The Regatta is a canoe race down the downtown canal. I believe this is very unique to our campus because not very many college campuses are located in the heart of a major city where they can race down a canal.


The urban campus is really unique to IUPUI. It's great for being close to all the action. It only requires a short walk to get to downtown Indianapolis, and even living off campus makes for a relatively short commute. There is always something going on and something to get involved in.


The campus has 4 hospitals, 4 libraries, and several building promoted by several different schools within IUPUI. There is also a canal close to the campus. The hospitals have a train called the "People Mover" going to Methodist, Riley, and University Hospital. The train also goes over the different fast food places that are near campus. The campus is close to the JW Marriot Hotel and you can very downtown buildings on campus as well.


Attending Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis (IUPUI) for my undergraduate was the best decision I ever made. While the school is seen by many to be a commuter and hence lower class school, the quality of education, the emphasis on applied research and importance placed on community engagement is unmatched in other programs I have since encountered. Faculty and staff are incredibly supportive of student reseach, and push students to challenge the field and present their research nationally and even internationally. Professors work well together and embrace an interdisciplinary approach to mentoring, and form close professional relationships with their students.


It is in the heart of Indianapolis and provides an open atmosphere for older adults who are returning to school. Great location right on the White River.


IUPUI is great for students who are paying/borrowing money to pay for their own college. It is a good college for people who are not into the traditional college campus. It's accessable for people who have full-time jobs in the Indianapolis area. I would give this school 5 stars. I love it!


The study body is extremely diverse.. My major, tourism, conventions, and event management is availble there unlike some other schools in the area. Most of the campus buildings are linked via skywalk allowing student the option to avoid walking outside during uncomfortable weather. The professors are anxious to help their students excel and find joy in being sources of information to their students.


I feel it is more diverse than many schools around. There are quite a few students who are in from other countries, we are located in downtown Indianapolis so many students who could not afford to live on a campus can attend IUPUI.


It is close to home and not too big. It is not to expensive and has a great elementary education program. The people there are nice and help answer questions. Also, when you are confused about classes or tuition or anything, your advisor answers everything.


For some reason, the students there were very proud of their college. There is a strong bond of students who attend, and as an alumni i am now realizing that there is a strong bond between even strangers who have attended the college.


IUPUI is a really great University in the United States of America. It's programs are set up easy and everything is showed clearly to you. Its tuition is reasonable compared to Indiana University bloomington; which was the college i was thing about going to before i applied to IUPUI. The unique thing about it is i can understand everything that teachers say; understanding everything is a hard task, and not every campus has teachers of that standard. Its teachers are well experienced and have a great background. The way the teachers explain things is tremendous. IUPUI is the best.


IUPUI is a great school for people who work and have families. It is excellent if you need flexibility.


It is one of the few schools in Indiana that has a dental hygiene program.


IUPUI has an environment of a 2-year community college, very laid back, but still has is very prestige about their schooling and their schooling programs such as nursing.


The environment and location of the school is the most unique aspect of IUPUI. It is close to the mall, canal, Lucas Oil, and many other fun places to go between classes.


IUPUI really allows me to work and continue to earn money to help pay for my education. I was able to really tailor my class schedule to my needs.


That you can recieve your degree from Indiana University or Purdue University


Two schools in one


IUPUI is located in downtown Indianapolis. There is always an activity or something for you to do there. IUPUI is a very engaging community stuck in downtown Indianapolis.


It was in a larger city and did not require math.


I did not consider any other school.


IUPUI even though is considered a commuter campus, still has that big college feeling. The price is the best around and the knowledge base here is extensive.


My school is small and my professors for the most part know my name, Im not just a number. It is a lot like highschool w/ small class sizes and a lot of group participation.


IUPUI is located a mere walking distance from downtown Indianpolis. We have passionate professors who genuinely care about thier students and their students bright future.


Very urban environment. Great school in the heart of a big city.


Because this school is largely a commuter campus, the majority of student life happens off campus. There is a wide variety of activity in the city, including multiple bike trails, bars, music venues, clubs, theaters, art centers, and community activities. The community and city also interact with the campus in many ways, and many of the professional schools have the opportunity to work closely with community leaders. For example, the school of education works closely with the urban Indianapolis schools and it provides excellent education and great opportunities for the students at those schools.


I think how diverse the population is at IUPUI is what makes it so unique. Not only diversity when it comes to race but also when it comes to majors,religion,politics, I feel that it is a very diverse campus that anyone is accepted at.


For the quality of education you recieve it is quite inexpensive.


It's close enough that I can live at home and just drive to school.


It's basically built into the city and blends into the cityscape. You can walk from campus to downtown and back and hardly realize you left IUPUI. You can be as much of an individual or social butterfly as you want - it's easy to find friends or be completely anonymous and everyone is accepting of everyone else.


The unique thing about IUPUI is that it is so convenient and easy to make your schedule. I make mine online every semester! I don't have to waste gas and way too much time to drive to campus and make my schedule. My friends and boyfriend complain that they have to get up way too early because that is the only time their class is offered...but not IUPUI!


The price of the school and all the things around it and that it is concidered to be a private art college that is affiliated with the school of Indiana University Prudue university Indianapolis .


There are actually many things about IUPUI that make it unique from other colleges in Indiana, mainly our campus is directly downtown of Indianapolis, so we already have a more modern inner city look to our campus. There are also many opportunites for us students to get involved with and job opportunties for us to take full advantage of. Also, a lot of the clubs not only have activities for you to attend on campus but they also have activities off campus in the city, for example comedy clubs, proffesional football and basketball games.