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What are the academics like at your school?


I feel going to IUPUI has gave me inspiration to want more out of life. It has also made me feel growth in my life. I am just trying to achieve another career goal and IUPUI is formatting a pathway to achieve the goal I am reaching for.


I find that the academics at IUPUI are up to date up to date with real life experiances.


I don't think i have any most favorite class and least favorite class. I love all the class am taking. People do participate in class in which i am included. Student are concerned more about their grades, and their GPA. I can say there are competitions among the student because they wants good marks, grade, and GPA. I am majoring in Nursing and i want to specialize in Anesthetics. The classes am taking presently are the prerequisites required before applying into the nursing school. I don't spend much time with my professors outside the class but i do go to the mentoring session many times for the classes i am taking.


When it comes to academics at IUPUI, there is so much to learn. The introductory courses for many programs and fields hold a lot of information that give a general overview of what the course relates to. Most of my professors in the School of Liberal Arts department of Anthropology know my name and are very engaging. There are some professors that I even get to interact with outside of class and I learn so much more about the things that interest me in my field! I think the school's academic requirements help to round out the education I am receiving and most of my courses interrelate in some way so my classes become very helpful in others. The great thing about IUPUI's academics is that it's about engaging your mind and learning as much as you can while also exposing you to opportunities in your job field; even professors propose job opportunities to students!!!


The academics at our school are awesome. We offer all sort of degrees and fields. Here is the following link if you need information about this: The professors eventually do remember you if you take there classes.They will especially have a good relationship with you if you do well in there classes and they will help direct you to more opportunities along you path. My favorite class was Business X320 which was a lecture class but it was a fun and interesting lecture about careers with a really fun professor. He even had a panel of employers come in and describe what they were looking for. My least favorite course was H106, a history course, where the course was not in my career field and I had a hard time understand what the professor was looking for in our papers we had to submit. You will always see students studying on campus generally in all different areas. Class participation is common in some classes but others it is used to give you a boost at the end of your class to your grade. Conversation about courses and other things are always happening on campus. It allows people to see different perspectives and analyze situations better. This is where competition comes into play sometimes. You will see this when competing for scholarships as well. The most unique class I took was a finance course where the professor would test on concepts and not on problem-solving exactly. My major is Accounting, Finance and International Studies at the Kelley School of Business so I spend lots of time talking to professors outside of class to see if I can get a letter of recommendation, help on questions, and advice on future goals or direction as to where I should continue to move forward in. The school's academic requirements are decent as an undergraduate. They are challenging time to time but they overall help you learn what you need to move on with your life. The education is geared toward getting a job and learning as well. The professors know lots of firms and companies hiring and they sometimes help students achieve getting a career but they also teach material to get student to understand concepts that relate in all business fields.


Academics at IUPUI were challenging, yet rewarding. I was a Kelley School of Business student, so much of the curriculum was more hands on because we were able to work with real companies and use real business scenarios in class. Kelley is known for their integrative core classes which requires students to work effectively in teams and apply their knowledge to create and develop a product or service for a local company. I felt like this was the most effective way to understand and learn the curriculum in order to be more prepared for our future endeavors. One of my favorite classes was my capstone class which was basically a game that required us to make company decisions, based on market research, each round for 10 rounds and the company/team who made the most profitable decisions wins. Most students at IUPUI work and attend school full time, so students tend to take classes more serious. This creates a better learning atmosphere because students participate more which makes it a little more competitive. I've met several people who have attended traditional schools such as I.U and Purdue and they say that some students continue to act as if they were still in high school. At IUPUI I felt like there were less distractions and social pressures which made it easier to focus on my education. IUPUI offered a wide variety of courses outside of my major that I definitely took advantage of, such as History of Hip Hop, Comparative religion, Spanish, History of Michael Jackson, and intro to the game of basketball. New and different courses were offered every semester. The education at IUPUI is both geared towards learning and also getting a job.


My professors at IUPUI are outstanding. They are very understanding and flexible with student preferences and schedules. They call me by name, answer student's phone calls, hold office hours and respond to their emails with the speed of light. Most of them provide their lecture materials for students to have access to at anytime in the semester. THey take walks with students, listen to our cries and concerns and make sure that we are satisfied. They give a second opportunity sometimes to retake exams and quizzes. They also provide challenging extra credit opportunities that sometimes require students to research on real life scenarios and application of the theory learnt in class. They are always ready to write recommendation letters for diligent and outstanding students and they sometimes provide information about career opportunities for students through the class portal. My professors do all they can to see that I achieve my goals. That is another reason why I love my school and will recommend it to any student who has a solid career ambition.


I am earning a Pre-Med Biology degree so I can only speak of the science courses here. On that note, I have loved every single teacher I have had, Even in the large lectures. They all seem to know the students by name and they keep me coming back for more. I have actually spent time with many a professor outside of class. My favorite class so far was Organic Chemistry 2 with Dr. Anzeveno. He was an amazing professor.


There are three types of classes - Lecture, which has up to 300 students and you learn to take good notes, small classes in which you feel a connection to the professor and more comfortable with approaching them during office hours for further questions. The last is online based classes. Admittedly, I haven't attempted the last of these options but have friends who enjoy this option's freedom to study without having to be in a specific room. I have enjoyed learning under the faculty in their respective classes. What is interesting about the teachers in classes is that they are not always professors, but adjunct faculty who offer a real world perspective derived from their careers in the workplace, rather than mere research from the classroom.


I love the personal interaction between students and professors. If you are sick, your professors are so understanding, which is greatly beneficial when you're not feeling well! The one on one mentoring from faculty helps to enhance your academic career. A lot of many professors are on Facebook and other social networking sites, so you can communicate with them outside of class. So often you hear that college experiences at places like ISU or U of Indy feel like high school: this is not that experience! I am a student at Herron School of Art and Design on the IUPUI campus, and it is one of the finest art schools in the country. The building is newer and absolutely beautiful. There are galleries that are so nice inside that people within the community will stop by to visit them and view student artwork. While I love the interesting classes that I have taken, I do feel that many students (for various reasons) do not graduate from IUPUI within 4 years. The average is more like 5-7 years. People often change majors often.