Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There are multiple activities and organizations at IUPUI including fraternities and sororities, LGBT groups, multicultural organizations, sports related clubs, and clubs that are related to students majors.


There are several groups/activities on campus such as Alpha Lamda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Kelley School of Business Government, Women in Business, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and many more. I am currently involved in the IUI Accounting Association where there is a Becker CPA Review Exam hosted this upcoming Monday. This group allows me to get ready for my Certified Public Accounting Exam to become a public accountant. There are dorms on campus but I would say it is easier to buy an apartment off-campus to pay financially. There are events at the Madame Walker Theater, guest speakers such as comedians, businessmen, politicians, and employers, as well soccer and basketball events. There is not much on a dating scene on campus but there are lovely restaurants downtown to go to. I met most of my friends on campus from classes we took, my on-campus positions I worked, and events I participated in. If I was awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I would be most likely studying for an exam. If this happened on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, I would be partying at this hour or mainly enjoying life. The Regatta is a special event once a year where some participate and compete in a paddling a boat around the canal located near campus. People party many times but just not on campus as much. It is usually done off-campus or weekends primarily. Last weekend, I did party at a friend's party that he hosted. If it is a Saturday night and you don't want to involve drinking, the IT lab is open 24/7 for students to use computers and relax. I believe the library would have hours open at this time as well. Also, most restaurants near campus are available to eat at during this hour. The McDonald's in Riley Hospital is open 24/7.


The best thing about IUPUI was that the Greek life was not the center of the world. There were several groups and organizations on campus as well as guest speakers. Most organizations were small because most Students at IUPUI lived off campus. It was difficult to live off campus and be connected to campus life. Most students at IUPUI live off campus. There is only one freshman dorm which has a very limited capacity and there are campus apartments along the river which are very modern and nice. Most students decide to rent houses around the city because they are much more affordable. I lived in an area about 5 minutes from campus. Our block consisted of students from all different colleges, such as Marion College, Butler, and University of Indianapolis. Our block also consisted of student athletes whom decided to live together instead of on campus. The best advice for incoming freshmen is to live on campus their first year then find a house to rent with a couple friends that you trust. I met my closest friends during the time I lived on that block because students would party there every weekend, so I always met new people. IUPUI isn't known to be a big party school because there isn't a lot of campus housing. Most partying is down off campus which isn't hard to find. There was always something to do living in indianapolis. There was always an event or convention downtown. Broadripple was the place to be for all indianapolis college students. Broadripple was a strip of bars and restaurants located on the north side of indianapolis. Sports at IUPUI wasn't too big so I would go to other sporting events such as the Indy 500, Colts games, and Pacer games. If I wasn't attending a sporting event, I was shopping at the circle center mall, or attending a comedy show at Crackers Comedy club. Mass Ave. downtown also offered many activities such as are galleries and comedy plays at Comedy Sportz. When ever I wanted to experience the college party life for a night, I was able to take a quick 45 minute drive to either I.U or purdue. There was hardly ever a dull moment attending IUPUI.


There is greek life if you are looking for it, but they haven't had the impact that they want yet. Dating scene is great, I met my future wife here. People party all the time but it's not too disrespectful. My dorm (park place) always had its doors open. My freshmen year was the best experience of my life.


There are so many clubs in the Kelley School of Business, of which I am a part. Student Government, Entrepreneurship, Economic, Accounting, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management to name a few. Honors College has a Government as well as an Honors Adventure Club. If you have an interest, it is likely that there already exists a club with kindred spirits.


One of the most popular clubs on campus is an academic group, the National Society of College Scholars, to which I have belonged since freshman year. We only have one dorm on campus, and it is a rat nest, although a new high cost luxury apartment building is being built near campus and will open soon for students. I have lived downtown near campus for three years, and unless you want to live in a moderately priced, slum lord controlled building with no locks on the doors, you will pay an arm and a leg for a small, but nice apartment in the city. Athletic events on campus are not very big, and we do not have our own football team. We do have many guest speakers on campus. Campus life for many students is non-existent: many work or have families, and merely don't have the time to dedicate to on campus events. There are shopping malls, art galleries, museums, and parks to go to off campus.