Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


UMKC has a lot to offer for education majors. The new program gives students the chance to work in actual elementary schools and gain the nesseccary experience before taking the reigns of their own classroom. The school has a lot of class options, so it is easier to fit classes in your busy schedule.


I brag most that my school is in the heart of Indianapolis. Indianapolis is arguably the greatest sports city in the country. There are plenty of hospitals, firms, and other businesses for students to pursue internships, job shadowing opportunities, and volunteer opportunities. Also, the city has some of the best professionals in their respective career field. Some of these professionals end up teaching at IUPUI. These professors not only act as instructors. They are mentors that students can talk to and may also provide students with insight and opportunities that won't be available elsewhere. Indianapolis is an exciting place.


I wouldn't necessarily say brag, I feel I do more promoting for IUPUI. The things I mention the most are the resources available on campus. In high school I struggled with AP Chemistry but now that I am in a higher chemistry class they offer tutors. IUPUI has some of the best resources available to assist their students.


That I can walk to Circle Center, have lunch on the White River and the Mini-Marathon runs right through our campus!


It's so urban! There are so many ways to get involved and in so many different areas. I love it!


IUPUI has kind of the big city feel but in a small city environment. There is always something planned on campus. Fall semester is always crazy with all of the events that are planned. People are extremely friendly. I am a non-traditional student (adult learner) and I have enjoyed attending IUPUI very much. This is my 2nd time back to IUPUI since I was 19 and I am very glad that I returned. All of the major buildings are within a 1-2 block walking radius so everything is very close and the library is a the center.


The thing I brag about the most is that my professors are willing to sit down with me, one-on-one, and explain in more detail what was covered in class. The professors I have had so far really care about giving us the best education possible.


About how easily it is to form study groups and meet new people.


My professors ar dedicated and the students are friendly and are also well focused when it comes to acheiving their academic goals..secondly, the organization of my school and its academic settings are what emulating


I brag about my classes in general and how much fun I have with the other students in the same class. I have a good relationship with my professors and they are able to spot me out in a crowd as well. The work is challenging but the professors make sure that each student is on one accord.


I brag about the great location. It is so close to downtown, and there are so many things to do.


No matter which school a person goes to, the most imporant thing is getting a good education and not just that but doing it in a area that they have a great interest in. When someone asks me where i go to school at, i tell them i go to one of the best university in the United States. I brag to them about how nice it is, and how everyone treats me there. I tell them even financial aid counselors push me, so i am going there for a reason and that is the most important thing.


About the work opportunities on campus that allow you to expand your knowledge. The jobs also offer great field experience for an individual.


I'm really not the type of person that brags about anything.


The school I am attending is much cheaper than a large university, and I am still receiving a Purdue degree. I have learned more in the past three semesters than I feel as though I did throughout all of high school.


I brag about the small classes, the caring professors. I like the atmosphere.


IUPUI is a great place to go to college; the professors care and will listen to the students and are fair. There are a lot of things to do in Indianapolis and the city is clean as well as the campus. I enjoy my classes and the students.


When my friends ask me about my school and education. I first tell them that I am engaged in studying Tourism and Hospitality in IUPUI. They often make a comment that they would love to travel and study their major. Also my program gives me many opportunities to to earn money as I educate myself in the aspects of Tourism and Hospitality.


How it lets me focus on what I really want to do in life instead of classes that get me know where. Art is my passion, photography is my future.


Since I'm in the IU school of nursing part of IUPUI, I am most proud of the fact that the IU school of nursing is ranked in the top ten of best nursing schools in the nation.


I think I brag the most about the lower cost and the projects that I have completed.


i like the city and the opportunities to get involved in volunteer activities on and off campus in indianapolis. plus, there's great financial aid availalbe for people who need it






It's a really focused school with great academics, professors, and classes. I've learned a lot. It's a really comfortable setting.


I love the fact that campus is right next to downtown Indianapolis.


I think how free IUPUI is when it comes to class experience and learning. There are many resources available and teachers use that to help their students learn the best.


Being an urban school, IUPUI offers excellent opportunities for employment and internships. In three years, I have tutored, interned with a lobbying firm, worked at a bank, started a 401K, and worked abroad. I have built my resume, skills, and hiring potential by living in an urban environment, things that are more difficult at your typical university.


It is very convenient, and it is an easy campus to get around.


That it is close to home for me and I get alot of help with my class work. Students and teachers make the classes fun and easy to learn.


I mostly brag about how much I am able to do while living in Indianapolis and how they are trying to improve our campus to go along with the city, since the campus is located downtown Indy. Our 6 story Student center with all glass walls was just finally finished for us, with many new modern appliances and technology. Plus, since we live in Indy we have a better opportunity to attend a Pacer's basketball game, Colts football game, Indians baseball game or even the Indianapolis Zoo which has the first underwater dome for swimming dolfins.