Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There wasn't a strong school identity with campus activities since it is strictly a commuter campus with no housing options.


I hate that our school sometimes belittles the Purdue side of campus as being not as important because we have fewer Purdue schools campared to IU schools. The reason this is bad is because it makes all the Purdue students feel like they don't matter to the school or perhaps that they attended the wrong school. To be fair they are usually good about not excluding Purdue, but with our recent logo change to the IU logo it has left Purdue students less than thrilled.


The Professors all need to be on the same page when it comes to letting students know how there doing in that class.


The housing on campus is not the good. Although they have plans to omprove the campus housing issue, I think that better housing will bring the IUPUI community more together.


I honestly can not think of something that is the worst part of my school. I have had great professors, made great friends, and I truly love living in Indianapolis.


It's very difficult to make friends because it is a commuter campus and many adults come here to complete a degree.


parking, there isn't enough of it


Parking. Everyone I know that commutes to school or has tp [ark on campus for on-campus housing has a ton of problems with parking. It is seriously ridiculous. Also there isn't a wide variety of food to choose from anywhere on campus and the food available is kind of expensive.


the parking is absolutely horrible during certain hours of the day which means that students either have to leave early for class, be late to class, or stalk other commuting students in the parking lot because they assume they are leaving.


I have not discovered a worst thing at my school just yet.


I heard parking is very hard to get. Also, most of the classes I want feel up really quick. They should have more openings.




If I had to pick something that I felt was my least favorite thing about my school, it would probably be the fact that it is a commuter school. Some people, however, enjoy this kind of setting, but personaly I am not to fond of the whole commuter setting. I just feel like im missing out on some of the whole college experience. And because im not surrounded by other people who are going through the same thing that I am going through, and therefore I find it harder to stay in "college mode".


I feel that we could maybe have a better campus center and more variety when it comes to restaurants.


Sometimes, as a Christian I feel out of place. The challenge is good for keeping my faith strong, but some times it feels one sided.


The worst part about my school is the fact that we dont have a meal plan. Its hard to always depend on getting groceries especially if you dont have the money to purchase them. The meal plan would benefit alot of people, especially if it is payed for with scholarships or grants.


The worst thing about IUPUI, apart from the fact that campus almost completely clears out after 5 pm during the week, would be the parking situation. Since IUPUI is located in downtown Indianapolis, there are very strict parking policies. Since I live on campus, I bought a parking pass for the lot near my apartment on the west edge of campus. However, if I want to drive to class due to poor weather conditions, I would have to buy a separate parking pass for the a lot near class for the same price as the one I already have.


It's a commuter campus. I stay in an apartment building and most of the 30,000 students go home over the weekend, so there is nothing to do! However, I think that helps me study more with not that many distractions. I think this campus is starting to change, and in the future there will be more people that stay on campus.


Have far too many vending machines and Vendors that overcharge us for foods and merchandise. We are already at a financial disadvantage as it is. It only adds to our burden to have to pay more than 30% retail value of things, plus the extra 10% Downtown Area Tax on products too.


I rather like the school I attend, but if I had to choose something I didn't like, it would be the lack of parking. The campus is a nice size campus but it's not as large as colleges I've transferred from. There is only so much space so there is not that much parking for students, especially since the majority of the students there live off campus and have to have their cars with them.


I feel the worst thing about my school is that there isnt enough housing available to students and the parking is ridiculous since there are a lot of students attending there.


IUPUI depends heavily on technology and alot of online programs. Sometimes this is really an advantage and includes some great tools, but sometimes it leaves me feeling really unsure. I like human reassurance that I'm doing things correctly and am on the right track. IUPUI depends completely on internet sites to pay your bills, register for classes, turn in homework, contact anyone, and much more. It makes me feel really disconnected sometimes. I frequesntly visit advisors to make sure I'm on the right track.


I consider the worst thing about my school is that it is so large and spread out. About 30,000 people attent IUPUI and it is very difficult to meet friends on this type of campus. Many students are commuters, which means not many people stay on campus for a long amount of time. I just feel like I am not getting the close knit type of college experience I would have liked.


Right now, the worst issue with the school is not about the academics, but rather about the parking situation. With this being an urban campus, there needs to be space for students to park, so that, as happened to me today, the students do not have to worry about being late to class. You should not have to miss class time, because you are fighting for a parking spot.


One of the worst things is the parking. Unless one has early classes, finding parking can be quite challenging.


The fact that I don't get to meet my classmates, but that is a sacrafice i made when medical bills got too expensive. I would not be able to hold down a full time job, pay bills and go to school if it wasn't for online schooling. Making friends is harder when you go to school online.


The worst thing about this school would have to be not enought parking. The academics and great, and the classes are amazing just very time consuing. Its a great school!


The worst thing about my school is the lack of communication and organization among faculty, staff and adminstration. I find it difficult to get solid answers regarding program information, veterans affair questions, and course material among different faculty members.


The worst thing about IUPUI is the lack of connection among students in student wide organizations and school activities.


Worst thing is the housing and parking on campus. There is not enough rooms for people to stay in. There is not enough parking spots. It is 4 people to 1 parking spot


nothing is bad.


There isn?t an actual thing I would consider the worst thing about my school. I think is perfect the way it is.


The gap between the adult students and traditional students. There is a lot of resentment and disrespect coming from both sides.


The worst thing about IUPUI is probably that there are no truely good places to hang out on campus on the weekends. The only place is the library but that is primarily a study area. The student campus center is good but should have more open activities for students to readily participate in. It also needs more flexible hours.


There are a lot of different age groups, so it is harder to make/find friends of similar interests.


I like everything about my campus, I am very happy to have chosen IUPUI.


It is a commuter school so there isn't much activity after classes each night or on the weekends.


Lack of campus life. IUPUI is working very hard to get away from the "commuter college" image and has done a very good job, but not fully there yet.


The worst thing about my school is nothing about the school itself, but is the stigma that it may have. Because it is a centrally located school that combines Indiana University and Purdue University to offer students an alternative to moving away for a college degree, people sometimes may associate IUPUI as an "easier" school (extermely untrue). Many people are not even aware of all the opportunities and benefits that IUPUI has to offer because of a false pretenses.


The worst thing about this school is parking for students who commute. From about 8:30am to 6pm, thirty to forty-five minutes must be allowed for time to drive around looking for a spot.


I would say that the worst thing about my school is the fact that I don't think I am getting the "college experience." The food and meal plans are also horrible I resort to bringing my own lunch and dinner everyday.


not enough asians


Each individual department's advisors are great, but they are not good at communicating with other departments; such as the buisness school communicating with the psychology school.


In my opinion the worst thing about campus is the way all of the buildings are so spread out. You can have 2 classes that are half a mile away from each other...