Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis (IUPUI) is definitely a commuter college. The location is very convenient. IUPUI is located in downtown Indianapolis, which is perfect for students to access easily. It is located near major highways, sports stadiums, museums and hospitals. IUPUI is great for individuals who have families or young professionals who wants secondary education. IUPUI has great programs where they are recognized for i.e. Kelley School of Business. These programs are excellent and have great resources (professors and alumni).


Literally anyone who is willing to put some honest effort into getting a college education. Yeah, it's hard work, but it's not just about the education, it's also about helping the community and being around other people. Everyone can find a club or a group of friends that they can fit in with on campus.


Someone who enjoys research and hands-on experiences in place of sitting in a classroom 24/7. Someone who can take initiative. There is social life on campus but it's not as pronounced as, say, IU, so you have to be more outgoing and willing to try new things because you aren't going to be hit in the face with things to do every two seconds.


Students who are serious about their education. This institution is highly ranked and provides some of the best medical/health educators around.


Anyone who likes to be surrounded by culturally diverse people and loves to be in the city. The campus is located close to most of the major hospitals in the city so it is a perfect place for any student studying medicine or anything health related for that matter.


This school is an idle school for any person of any age wanting to pursue a higher education. There is a great campus life, as well as flexible schedules for those returning back to school.


Someone who is looking to go into art, buisness, or physical education. They pride themselves in these 3 schools.


IUPUI accepts any type of students no matter what the culture. The students that go to IUPUI are the type of students that are willing to work hard and never give up. If a person wants to get a good education then IUPUI is the place for them!


Someone who is a self-starter and eager to make an effort to meet people and try new things.


A typical student that should attend school here would know what college was all about from the get-go, they would know ways to get their instrcutors on their side, remember where they are going academically or ask for help quickly, and the ideal student would stop deciding the thing's they can't do and stay on that path of satisfactory academic progress.


A person that is proactive and a "go-getter" would be the perfect kind of person to attend this school. It is a large school, the faculty and staff cares about the students, it is up to the student to utilize the opportunities infront of them.


Anybody is welcome.


Anyone who wants to further thier own education, and is willing to work hard to compete with thier fellow classmates. This school is also for anyone who is wanting to go to a school with a great reputation, but for a much cheeper price, which is everyone (I would assume). IUPUI has many possible majors but it specifies in two major feilds: The Purdue side specializes in Engineering, Math, and Science; and the Indiana University is known for being a great medical school.


Anyone. This school is a great atmosphere to want to learn and better yourself. You have all the resources that you could ever need right at your fingertips. The faculity and staff are great and always willing to help.


A person who is willing to study hard and get involved with their school. Someone who is also responsible and will attend class every single day.


Those who are driven to do their best for themselves in their education and those who enjoy giving back to their school and community. This school is very geared towards students' success in every way possible but also ask for help in return in giving back in volunteering for the school and the surrounding community.


In the past this has been primarily a commuter school, but recently they have made grave efforts to provide a variety of in-school living options. They recently built new dorms, they have a small living community for medical students and they offer living options for the Law student. There are a variety of day and night classes offered for both types of students.


I would advise someone who loves adventure to attend IUPUI, simply because there are some many things to explore and experience while living in the city. If you love sorority or fraternity life I would not make IUPUI your first choice, because it is not a prevalent activity here.


If you attend IUPUI, you need to be well-focused, as with any college. Most students live off campus and living arrangements are pretty easy to find. The professors care and will listen to you, but you are responsible for your own education. College is so much better than High School and IUPUI is a great place!


IUPUI would be a good fit for most people because it provides a very supportive and helpful learning environment. The people who already know what major they want to go into will receive the guidance and education that will make their goals achievable. Also, students who are unsure of what they want to focus have an opportunity to take a variety of classes that may help them decide.


You really don't need a car because the bus services are decent and we get a great advantage- IUPUI students get "S" passes which means we don't have to pay to ride the bus anywhere in the city. There are ways of saving money and plently to do on campus if you look around enough. I've always liked IUPUI because there is huge diversity and they encourage students from other countries to attend, adding to their cultural emphasis. You can be anyone and go to this school- it's very liberal and accepting to anyone.


its concidered to be a comuter collage. So you really do not get that collage life un less you live in the outragiously overpriced student housing.


Someone who is independent and doesn't have to be constantly involved in social activities would enjoy this school. You can participate in as many or as few campus social events as you want. People who don't need someone always pushing just them and don't want people always judging you would also be a good type of person to attend IUPUI. If partying is your goal of college, then this school is not a good choice as students are serious about their work as well as getting good grades.


A person with a desire to better themselves with a great education.


I say anyone who wants to learn and become more knowledgable in their field of study should attend this school. At IUPUI i feel like there is not really a criteria for the student because they except anyone that is willing to learn. This school is very diverse in age, gender, and ethnicity and I have never met anyone who wasn't accepting of other individuals.


Do not plan on living on campus there is only one small housing complex and plan on commuting because cost of housing near campus is way out of the price range of the average student.


Anyone who wants to attend a large state university in a city that has plenty to offer (pro sports, jobs, entertainment, etc.)


If you are somewhat science inclined, this is the school for you. Science would definitely have to be one of the top departments at this college.


The type of people that should attend this college are people who are willing to live in the city and enjoy the college experiance. Not too big, not too small.


Anyone can successfully attend this college, but it would be a particularly good school for someone who likes the city, and wants almost 24/7 access to resources both online and on campus.