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What kind of person should not attend this school?


I wouldn’t recommend students who are seeking active campus life and activities. Many piers of mine do not live on campus but travel to classes. If a student is looking for a strong college presence in the community and campus, this will not be the best choice.


The only kind of person who shouldn't attend here is someone not willing to work hard. It's a challenge, just enough so to keep things interesting. If you aren't willing to rise up, then you probably won't get along here.


Students who are looking for the total, on campus feel of going to college should not attend this school. It is a commuter campus that does not include alot of housing.


If you are not interested in going into the medical feild, I would not recommend this school as a top pick.


A person shouldn't attend this school if they would like a small college feel. This college is big and has an urban feel.


I feel that IUPUI is a wonderful place to come for anyone, especially if you are unsure of what you would like to major in. Our campus is in downtown Indianapolis, which makes our campus more of a commuter campus. It also means that we don't have a football team either, so I would say that college football fans who have always dreamed of rooting for their own school might not consider IUPUI.


I believe that anyone can attend this school.


This school is aimed for those pursuing professions in the fields of science and engineering. This school offers a very promising program in Motorsports engineering, and all other engineering programs are also very good. This school would also be very good for someone who wants to pursue a medical field career, being that a med school, optometry school, and dentistry school are all on campus.


There is not a particular kind of person that shouldn't attend Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis. However, potential students showing poor performance in high school may not be accepted without prior higher education experience. In order to serve these potential students, IUPUI has formed strong relationships with Indianapolis-based community colleges such that several courses taken at these colleges can easily be directly transferred onto an IUPUI transcript.


I honestly think all schools should look at IUPUI's approach and try to incorporate their techniques. Students who attend traditional campuses do have the social life, represented in greek life, clubs and organizations, that IUPUI lacks. There is little support for sports teams and bands. However, the trade-off is that students come from a variety of backgrounds. There are more non-traditional students and most students work full-time jobs or take care of families while attending school. IUPUI is not a party school, but it is very political in its practical applied focus.


IUPUI is not a school for those expecting a "typical" college experience. IUPUI is located in downtown Indianapolis and isn't isolated like many private colleges can be. My school is surrounded by the city and is immersed in it's culture. Many students commute, there is only one dorm, specifically for freshmen, meal plans are just now becoming slowly integrated into my school, and the greek community, though existent, have no houses on campus. Though IUPUI has many benefits and I believe is still a wonderful school, it's not for those expecting the college life portrayed in media.


Someone who is not fully commited to their education should not attend this school.


Someone not interrested in actually learning and accomplishing something for themselves. Enough students are there to make a better life for themselves and it is frustrating to have to share a professor with someone who is just wasting his/her own time as well as the professor's.


someone that wants a campus atmosphere of students mainly under 25 years old


Although IUPUI does have sports teams, is a recognized school, has fraternities and sororities, and I'm sure some parties are thrown now and than, it is nothing like the big ten schools. For students like me that aren't interested in all of that anymore or maybe just plain tired of it, this school is perfect, but it is defiantly not for the student that wants a school with a strong sense of school spirit or for a student that wants to be part of a large Greek society, or even for the student that wants the biggest parties.


Someone who isn't dedicated to their education and extracurricular activities. There is a strong emphasis on education, finding a career, and getting involved on campus, especially volunteering.


People who aren't looking for a large city campus


There is no such thing as someone who shouldn't attend school. Everyone should attend school even if it's just a trade school to be able to further and open their career opportunities.


A person who cannot cope with large amounts of stress would be ill-suited for this school. If a person procrastinates, that person should strive to overcome the tendency to procrastinate. Otherwise, that person will soon become overstressed.


Someone who doesn't want to further their education shouldn't attend college.


The only person who not do well at IUPUI would be the one who would much rather party their way through school. IUPUI challenges the students, which would make it difficult for someone who is uninterested in getting a real education.


I think everybody is welcome at this college.


People who drink too much, take drugs, and are there to only play around shouldn't attend my school.


If a student wanted to live in a small town or not be right in the middle of a city, then IUPUI would not be a great school for them. There is not much nature in the area considering it is only a few miles from downtown Indianapolis.


I think a person who isn?t motivated at all or doesn?t want to learn anything shouldn?t attend this school because he would just be wasting his time and distracting the students who want to learn.


A slacker. Someone who doesn't want to do the course work or something who doesn't want to get involved in non-academic activities. Because of its urban location, people who don't like to commute shouldn't attend IUPUI. Making friends isn't hard but its not going to consist of standing around a kegger.


people who want to get out of indiana after college or who were the top of their high school classes or who like small campuses or who want a traditional, college-town environment, or who want their lives to revolve around school


A person who is looking for a very socially engaging and typical college experience. Though this university is shifting towards more on-campus housing for a more traditional college lifestyle, the school accomodates for students who work full-time and attend school full-time who are mostly commuters. The institution offers a great college environment; but because of its location in the city, it is incapable in competing with more traditional universities on the "college experience" level.


If social activities are very important to you, this school may not be the place to be. This campus is largely filled with commuters who do not live on campus. Therefore, campus activities are limited and not well attended. There are many opportunities to build friendships, and sororities and fraternities do exist, but most students are simply there for academic reasons.


A non traditional student.


Someone who is going to be focused on school and not just going to college to party for 4 more years. You have to be able to step outside your comfort zone to meet new people because most do not live on campus. When it comes to the social life you get out what you put in. If you aren't going to make and effort to join clubs and organizations you may never make any friends.


People who are very focused on on-campus activities, especially sports, would not be happy here. While IUPUI has a decent basketball team, a state-of-the-art natatorium (home of Olympic trials), and numerous interest groups, campus culture is tenuous and varied at best. This is a commuter school that offers diverse cultures, ideas, and people, but campus life is somewhat secondary to many students.


IUPUI stresses that every type of person should be able to attend their campus. The kind of person that should would be non-motivated and unwilling to complete work to succeed in his/her field.


The kind of person that shouldn't go to IUPUI shouldn't be the type that needs social interaction 24/7 and wants a close-knit community of students on campus. You get to know the students in your specific program more and more, but there are thousands total on the whole campus and it's impossible to know everyone. People who aren't comfortable in an urban setting would also hate IUPUI.


Anyone who is lazy and or anti-social