Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


1. If you live on campus, talk to people move-in weekend more than you think you should because that's when everyone starts to make friends that last for four years.


I wish I had knownsome of the material I slept through in high school before going to the cmapus. Not being lazy in high school could have saved me a lot of extra homework.


I wish that I knew how difficult it would seriously be. I was always told that college was completely different than high school, but I guess you can say I didn't take the warning seriously enough. I also wish that I knew how hard it was going to seem making friends. With a school as big as IUPUI, it was hard finding friends. Even more of an obstacle, it is a school in the center of a city, so plenty of students commuted rather than living on campus, so many aren't even looking for friends.


I wish I knew how much of a local school this is. So many people leave on the weekends, and the Campus Housing is just sub-par. I have no problem with the apartments themselves, I'm thankful they exist and that I'm able to live in them. But they are just so shoddily made for how new they are, and the housing office does nothing to improve the quality of living. Don't live in the engineering building if you are someone who considers yourself social.


I wish I had known about more housing opportunities. I also wish that I had been told up front that the nursing program tuition is more expensive than regular undergraduate tuition.


The cost of college. If I could go back, I would have applied to a lot more scholarships in order to prepare for the tuition bills. People constantly stressed the fact that college is expensive, but the reality doesn't hit you until you add the tuition plus books and other miscellaneous fees.


Don't forget a bicycle pump!


I wish I had known how difficult it is to find parking. The campus, the educational experience, the clubs, the whole college experience is perfect the only fault is campus parking. I live an hour away and it's nearly impossible to arrive after 9 and find parking.


I wish I knew more about the campus, and also more about the organizations that my school has to offer. I also I wish that I knew more about the dorms. Where I live the rent is over priced and the school pit the students in a hotel where regular people still can check in. I also wish that I had a friend that I knew at my college. I came in by myself with no friend what so ever. So I wish that one of my friends from my high school could of came to my college with me.


I wish I knew a lot more about the parking situation at my school. Because it being down town the parking is very limited and competitive.


How big it actually is and how many people are there! Parking is an adventure.


That i needed more support financially.


I wish that I had known that the college books would be so expensive.


I wish I would not have believed that my parents experience would be identical to my own. That way i would not have tried to live in their shadow but blaze my own legacy.


I wish I would have known exactly what major I wanted to pursue. I should have done more research on the fields that sparked an interest with me instead of just choosing something off the top of my head. I wish I would have known exactly how expensive college was going to cost, too because college is probably the most expensive investment that anyone will ever make.


I wish I would have known a few more people before I here. I knew one friend from high school before I came here and if it weren't for her I would have been very lonely for the first semester. I am a very shy person so it is somewhat difficult for me to just go out and make friends.


If I would have known ten years ago that friends and gossip were not going to make like as easy as possible, I would have been a college graduate already. I've learned in the last ten years that math is not hard when I apply myself, and having an education will make it a lot easier to support my children. I have also learned that learning is an enjoyable experience, and that I pick up on concepts very quickly. I also explain these concepts well, which would make me an excellent teacher in the future.


I wish that I would of known more about how to get scholarships. When I went to school at ITT in Newburgh, IN everything was done for us. ITT took care of gathering the loans that we needed to pay for their outrageous tuition. While here at IUPUI they play on you getting what you need. Which is really nice if you just know where to look.


College is so much diferent than High School. It's great. It's up to me to succeed.


Better study habits


First, I wish I would've known that the school does not have a meal plan. Secondly, I wish I would have known how hard it was going to be to find an off campus apartment for someone with a low income. Other than that, the school has greatly met my needs, especially academically.


I wish I would have know how to manage time better, trying to balancae school and work is a tough challenge. Just to pay rent I have to work and among the crazyness of that go to an art school full time and everyone requires alot out of you because they really want you to excell at their class and make you become a better artist.


Wish there were more music classes.


The amount of work involved in such an endeavor. The amount of work required in high school pales in comparison to the amount of work necessary to succeed in college-level work.


How expensive college really was.


I wish I had known I was coming so I could have transferred sooner!


There are a lot of hidden fees at IUPUI, though I'm sure this is true of a lot of other universities. Certain classes have additional fees on top of credit hour fees that are not listed in course descriptions or mentioned at registration, which can create a nasty surprise when the bursar bill shows up.


This school is a major commuter school so it is a lot harder to get to know people here rather than if I was at a school living on campus in a dorm. Prices increase significantly when you get into a specialized program.


What my competition would REALLY be like.


An advisor told me that one of my classes transfered when I transfered to IUPUI. I just found out the other day that actually seven of those classes actually did transfer. Always get a second opinion


The intenisty of the classes are extreme.


I wish I had known more about the social activites offered - it took me my first year to know what was offered. I wish Ihad known about the reasonable off campus housing.


There isn't a whole lot that I wish I had known before coming to IUPUI. The only thing that I wish I would have known is that the advisor I had would have been more committed to the school and not to several schools and her own studies.


I already knew people who had attended this school. So I knew a lot about it already.


I wish that i had known that it was nothing like a real college campus like IU or Purdue. I wish I had known how much housing was and the difference between the visual communication programs between IU and Herron.


I wish I had known to bring my bike.


Before I cam to IUPUI, I wish I would have known/realized how much of a commuter campus it was. I have to leave my house rediculously early just to find a parking spot so I can make it to class on time. Also, I wish I would have known that some of the people around me were going to be rude. When I visit other schools, I walk by a student and they say, "Hi." At IUPUI, everyone is so depressed-looking.


that the school did not offer the general bacholer degree in fine arts and that you had to be specified into a catagory and the jewerly classes did not count towards any of the degrees in the program.


I wish I knew how much everything was.