Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It is convenient for people who live in Indianapolis and has a wide variety of class offerings from two very good schools, Indiana University and Purdue University.


Most of my classes were in the same building. All of my classes transferred. The parking was not horrible and the dining commons was nice.


Iupui is an affordable public university with lots of different degree programs.


The best thing about my school is that I am able to go downtown everyday.


My master's program is associated with the Indiana University School of Medicine so we can utlize the medical school's facilities. I love that we can access the medical school facility. For example, my anatomy class used the same gross anatomy lab that the medical students use, and many of the professors who teach our classes also teach the medical students. It is an extraordinary opportunity to have access to high caliber professors and resources. Thus, it is also wonderful to be able to have access to the medical school library due to the endless resources that it provides.


I like the overall sense of unity on our college campus. I feel like I'm welcome and that I can fit in anywhere on campus because everyone is so open minded and accepting of other people. There's so many things to do on campus and you can always find something interesting going on in the student center. I love IUPUI because there seems to be a major for everything-- in fact, I think there's an option to create your own major. I'm really going to miss my college experience when I graduate next summer.


Certain instructors. I have had a wide variety of instructors in the past three years, but the ones who are good are really good. They are competent, professional, flexible, and they respect students. These professors make all of the difference in the world in an academic setting. I can think of at elat six instructors that really impacted me well. They are passionate about what they do and they genuinely care about students' lives.


The atmosphere, it is so friendly and fun it is hard not to feel at home here. Almost everyone is extremely nice and open to meeting new people. I think this is important because it is great to have friends to hang out with whether it is off campus or on campus between classes. Also just the fact that you can feel comfortable here makes a huge difference with studying and relaxing.


The amount of money that I have saved by going here and I am still getting the degree I desire in a field I love.


I think that the best thing about my school is that it is diverse. I love the fact that I get to walk into class and meet people from all walks of life (not just traditional college students). I learn just as much from my classmates as I do in my classes. I really enjoy being able to learn about where different people come from and what their cultures and customs are. In addition, we have older college students who have families. These people have great life experiences and are able to offer advice to the younger students on campus.


The best attribute of my school is the fact that there is a profuse number of cultures that are found throughout the campus. This aspect exeplifies an individual's college experience because this essentially offers and exposes a person to disparate views of life. Scholars with knowledge and understanding of numerous other cultures can opperate more effectively in a globalized world. Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis is known for this characteristic alongside its excellent course offerings from two astounding college universities which empowers its students to thrive in their career fields.


I like my professors and teachers. My program is quite small, and my teachers give individualized attention, even though the college is quite large.


I love the community at IUPUI. Even though it is a commuter campus, it isn't hard to get involved and feel like you are any other campus.


I like all the study abroad opportunities that are offered at this school. We have more of an opportunity to experience other cultures.


Something unique about this campus is that it offers degrees not only offered by IU but also Purdue which means you get the best education in whatever field in the same location you could get the best education in another field. In other words, for those students who change majors which happens plenty of times during college years, this would be the perfect place to be.


Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis is great school that offers high-quality degree programming for both Liberal Arts and Science students. IUPUI incorporates service-learning into several courses across disciplines, a practice that provides future graduates with an opportunity to gain real world experience and address local areas of need. The practice of service-learning is an investment in a community's future in that the students will be able to use their raised awareness to make informed decisions as a an active citizen.


IUPUI stresses free on-campus and sometimes off-campus events for students. This is the best thing about the school because students who don't have a lot of money are able to still go out and have fun with their friends.


Most of the buildings are conected either underground or over roads. The buildings that aren't connected have a free bus service running to them and the campus housing so we never have to walk in the snow or rain.


The best thing about my school is that it's so diverse. IUPUI is more of a commuter college rather than a traditional college campus and it's convenient for all different types of lifestyles, making it possible for any range of people to attend. Also, with price being affordable, more people are attracted and allow students to gain more perspective on the diversity of our culture. Yet another feature that contributes to diversity is location. Located in downtown Indianapolis, IUPUI provides a close location for residents of Indianapolis and surrounding cities, and numerous activities for students living on campus.


For obtaining a business degree, this school was one that upholds a very strong reputation and is nationally recognized for its academic acheivement among its students.


It is large, but the class sizes are very small.


I consider all the diversity one of the best things about my school. There is so many different ethnicities and races on the campus. Its hard not to have friends that are of different races. I also think that integrity is a great word to decribe my school. People do what they say they are going to do; they are honest and respectful as well.


I consider the location of our school as its best quality. The city location gives several great job opportunities for every major. Connections could also be made through your professors with various employers to set up an internship that could eventually become a full-time job right out of college! Location, location, location is always key in choosing a college and this school is the perfect choice for anyone desiring a successful school career as well as a working career.


Being so close to downtown Indianapolis is the best thing about attending IUPUI. From campus, it is a fifteen minute walk.


The best thing about IUPUI is the active professors. The professors do their best to help the students succeed. That is a misconception about large campuses that IUPUI should not be categorized in. All of my professors are extremely helpful and want the best for me.


The flexibility of the program that they offer


Its located in Indianapolis because there is so much to do.


There are so many great things about IUPUI. It is convieniently located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis; which gives students the opportunity to learn and interact both on and off campus (ie. museums, etc.) Also, IUPUI is very diverse. You can learn a lot just from the people around you. There is something for everyone here at IUPUI. Froms clubs and student organizations, to sports and classes, there is always something to get involved in. There is also a variety of housing options, including dorms, apartments, townhouses. Living on campus is a great way to meet new people.


I feel that Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis is an ever-growing and ever-changing university that is embracing all different people and helping them to further their education in the way that it should be done. The fact that IU and PU have come together as one, but still maintain their individual reputations not only makes the degree that I will receive from the university more substantial, but will let me be apart of something amazing. People will recognize that I am choosing to better myself as a person by attending Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.


There are so many great things about IUPUI, one of which is the passion, knowledge, and real world experience of the professors. As a transfer student I have never seen so many instructors so excited to help their students learn. Every class I've been in so far, I have liked the professor, learned so much, and retained what I learned more that I did in either of the two schools I came from. I would recommend this school to anyone with a passion and drive to succeed and who wants a university that will help them get there.


small personal


It is close enough for me to live at home.


There are a few fantastic things about IUPUI. The first and most exciting is that it is in the middle of Indianapolis. There are plenty of fun things to do in the city, such as shopping going to the monument circle, or catching a moving. If you love the outdoors, IUPUI has many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. You could go walking on the canal that runs directly through Indianapolis. The environment at IUPUI allows students to experience many different cultures what it is like living in a big city that is relatively safe.


The best thing about my school is the flexibility of the classes. I can schedule all my classes on two days so that I can go full time and still work full time.


The best thing about IUPUI is that it is virtual close to anything you could need. There is a mall, zoo, a park and several museums all with in walking distance.


It was very similar to my home schooling education and learning, so it made picking up where i left off after high school easy. Second, it's close to home, I can work anywhere while attending school, and the campus is downtown.


The best thing about IUPUI is the Herron School of Art. Not only is it an amazing new facility, but it also has terrific teachers and art exhibits.


great launching pad for graduate studies, very reasonable tuition, and laid back relaxed proffessors


The thing that I consider best about my school is the availability of classes. The reason I say this is because I have attended 2 universities before this where the availibilty of classes is very minimal and hard to get into. I was rarely able to find classes that fit my my academic criteria and my personal schedule.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the fact that the staff is so willing to help us all achieve our goals. I am enrolled in the nursing program, this is only my first semester in the actual program but I have already gotten extensive help with getting a job at the hospital and better understanding the nursing field as a whole. In my intro. to nursing class we have guest speakers come in usually every week and it really helps because they are people out in the real world talking about their experiences.


The location. It is downtown which gives students opportunities to work with major comapanies and also more to do than just what is offered on campus.


The best thing is that you can get your degree from two different schools.


The best thing about IUPUI is that it is so close to downtown Indianapolis. I think it is in a wonderful location. A big city is a prime spot to get a rewarding job. Since IUPUI is located in downtown Indianapolis, it is easy to get internships in the field of your interest and it is easy to get to network with people in the downtown area. Also, Indianapolis has a alot of things to do like athletic events, malls, comedy clubs, night clubs, and a lot more.


The best thing about me school is that is convient and downtown. It caters to all ages and not just one age group.