Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't wait until you are 41.


You are idealistic and in search of being good enough for others! Forget it! No matter how hard you try most individuals are not playing the game of life by the same rules you are. Your desire to be chosen and more important than most anything to someone is ill-fated. Do as well as you can in everything you do because you know that is the right thing to do! Measure your success in terms of how much of a positive difference you make in others' lives. Engage in a full-bellied laugh at least once per day! While it is your mission to help and heal others, it is not your mission to lose any part of yourself in the process. Love to your fullest but readily accept that love does not heal or change anyone or anything that is unwilling to be healed or changed. It is okay to let go and let God! God has chosen you and you are His first choice! Understand that sense of humor isn't about being funny - do not take yourself and life too seriously! Find humor in chaos! Remember, too much of a good thing is still too much!


If I could go back to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to go straight to college. I have learned from life experiences that waiting until you have a family and a career is a much harder transition back into the school atmosphere than if I would have went straight to college after high school. It is hard to juggle kids, a husband, and a career while still trying to keep your grades up and find time to sleep. Finding time to study for exams and complete projects is a hard task. Being an adult with so many responsibilities is a struggle and it doesn't leave much time to completely dedicate yourself to one particular aspect of your life. You are not able to give 100% to your family, your career, or your schooling. After a while, you start to feel like you are drowning in a pool of books and exams. Don't hesitate, continue on the path of going to college like you planned and don't let a relationship steer you off of what you know in your soul is right.


Dearest Nicole, Remember that going to colelge is meant to be fun. However, remember also that your family will not always be able to help you. College is a big deal, and being the first in your family to ever attend is important. Show them what you can do. Make everyone know that you want this. Rely on Christ to give you strength. Your biggest struggle will be finances, but do not let that control you. God will provide what you need in due time. Always.


If I could go back and give myself advice about college, I would not tell myself anything. So far, my college career has been amazing and I would not want to change anything about it. I believe that college has really shaped me into the man I am today. Living away from home and having to make decisions completely on my own has molded me into the person I am today. If I already knew the twists and turns that college would throw at me, I do not think I would turn out to be the same person I am today. If I had to turn back time and go through college again, I would want to experience everything like it was the first time again. When you deal with adversity in life, that is when you find out who you really are and I would not trade any of those experiences, good or bad.


The first thing I would say to myself if I had the chance would be to not get married. I know my past self would laugh, and think it would be crazy to get married and not go to college. I’d have to try to explain that it does happen, and that dropping out before you’ve even started is a terrible idea. Waiting until your marriage has fallen apart to go back also is a terrible idea, and you shouldn’t do that either. So many things have changed, and at this point you have no money, and because you financial aid goes off of your previous year’s earnings you won’t have any money to go to school on if you choose to go as soon as you split. Just go to school as soon as high school is over, and everything will go a lot more smoothly.


Dear Senior Self, College is upon you. You're kind of a clueless cat, but that's not really a huge problem. So many of us are. As you go to college, I want you to remember a few main things: A) Once you choose where you're going, go there. Make the most of it. B) Be friends with people who are like you enough for you to get along well, but also that will stretch you and challenge you to be the best you that you can be. C) Stop spending so much time not wanting to do homework and do it. D) Find a way to exercise. E) Be involved, but don't stretch yourself too thin. F) Have a lovely time; become a stronger you. G) Don't be afraid of failure or of trying.


Dear Allison, stop wasting away your life attending parties. Although Justin has all the connections, he is not good for you. Sundays may be your only day to sleep in, but wake up anyways and go to church. Crack open your bible and read it for once. God has to offer a lot more guidance then you may think at this point. Take psychology and advanced biology for a college credit because it will be money well spent and two less classes you have to take in school. Go ahead and search for a school to play volleyball at, but only attend the one that will allow you to play and complete the nursing curriculum. Indiana Wesleyan University is your best option. Your busy schedule will keep you out of trouble. Always remember that Mom and Dad love you unconditionally and God loves you even more than they do. Good luck.


Hello self, I know that you have questions and uncertainties about college, especially because God has led you to IWU, which is far from your beloved home. But dont forget Phillippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." It will save you from a lot of worry and burnout. Keep your mind open to new opportunities to grow and your heart open to new friends. Find ways to spend time with them, even if that means just doing homework together. You will find that they will be what keeps you sane so treat them well. Be yourself. You will also meet people that will disappoint and use you, dont let them suck you into their problems. As for your choice of study, God has that all under control so dont worry. Never stop watching and listening for what He will reveal. Please dont procrastinate and stay organized; keep that agenda on your person and program important events into your phone. Take every opprotunity to make your art as awesome as possible, but be honest with yourself. Your art professors will be wise and amazing so spend time with them. Everything will be worth it.


I would tell myself, not to take the road less traveled.


I feel like my high school prepared me well for the college experience. One thing that I would change is that I would have taken a CNA class to get my CNA license. This would have given me more nurse related job opportunities and more experience going into my nursing major. I would also change how many scholarships I applied for. I wish I would have spent more time working on my financial aid for college.


With two years of college under my belt, it would be unfair to others if I did not share what wisdom I have gained over these two fleeting years with soon to be college students. The biggest lesson I have learned is to be serving towards others. We live in a society where everyone is looking out for people only help others if they have something to gain from it. It is easy to get caught up in your GPA, who’s dating who, and the latest fashion trends but all of this is temporary. The person you grow to become is what shapes your life and determines what impact you are going to have on the world and in the lives of others. Before leaving for college I would ask yourself, “How do I want to be remembered by my fellow classmates? Is my impression going to be temporary or long lasting?”


If I could go back, and give myself advice about college, I would tell myself to be confident and to be me. I started off college scared and worried about what people thought of me. Looking back, that was foolish. College students are more accepting than high school students. There is a place for everyone at college. I have found great friends through common interests of sports, mentoring, serving, and even eating. The transition to college would have been much easier if I had not been trying to put on a face and be something I was not. My favorite thing about college is the confidence I have gained in myself and my abilities, and the dear friends I made who love me the way I am. I only wish I had gained this confidence in who I am before my junior year of college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that life is not as bad as it looks. You can't see it right now, but God has a plan for your life. Don't let one mistake sidetrack what God has in store for you. You will continue your education. IWU is an awesome place to start. The professors are very helpful and understanding. And, because IWU is a Christ centered university, you will find other students of like minds that will help you as you transition not only in your studies, but in life as well. There may be times of stress (getting papers done on time, etc.); however, if you start early enough to give yourself plenty of time, you'll be fine. Also, remember that all things are possible, if you believe. Grab hold to what I am telling you. Never doubt that you will make a difference; because with God's help, you will—trust me, I've seen Him do it.


Marisa, right now you seem to think that your procrastination habit won't be a problem at college. You're wrong. Unless you form better habits and get disciplined, you're going to be stuck finishing everything at the last minute. Take a good look at the way you're living. Rethink your priorities. When you get to college, you're going to have to balance school, work, friends, and even a boyfriend (that's a new one, huh?) I know you can do it, but you need some structure. Otherwise, you will lose control of your surroundings and you'll find yourself scrambling and struggling to catch up. There are some great opportunities ahead. Embrace your life as it is while you can. Don't forget to hug your parents and thank your teachers. Write often, even if you don't like what you've written. Buy all the yarn you can find on sale, because you'll learn to knit. Save your quarters. Be intentional about the friends you want to last for a lifetime, because if you don't try to stay connected, you won't. Good luck!


If I could go back in time as a high school senior knowing what I know now about college life, I would have worked harder on my studies and I would of applied for scholarships sooner, at the beginning of high school, so that I would not have outstanding loans. I would of saved every penny I earned instead of spending it on unnecessary things, saving the fun for after college. I might of worked two part time jobs instead of one since my mother paid the bills at that time, therefore I should of took advantage of being able to save more money. I would have taken my high school years more seriously if I would of been thinking ahead instead of living in the moment. Knowing what I know now, I would have focused more on my future plans. I am now working harder than I had ever worked before. I am very focused on my education and have strong hopes for a solid and most promising future. It is never too late to receive an education, just focus, be serious, and work hard. The future is full of endless possibilities. I know that I can become anything.


I would tell myself to stop being lazy. One of my biggest problems was that I didn't push myself in high school because I didn't want to. That has come back to impact me negatively. If I would have pushed myself to get A's instead of B's I would have learned how to study and how to manage my time better. It was hard transitioning without knowing how to be good at studying and knowing I always got by without having to study. I would also tell myself to not procrastinate as bad. Procrastination is going to happen the sooner that is accepted the easier it will be to deal with it and to begin to get better at it. Lastly I would tell myself to listen and talk to older individuals who are in college. They can give a lot of good advice all I had to do was listen and put it into action.


I remember as a senior in high school I was very lazy when it came to the college preparation process. I ended up becoming stressed and rushed when the summer before college came around. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to pace myself, but not to procrastinate. College is very important and you need to give yourself time to go through each step of the process of becoming a college student. Another thing I would tell myself is to stay focused on your studies and be open to the new surroundings. Starting out I was very shy, stressed, and didn't think I was capable of the completing the work. But what I realized was that I procrastinated and didn't buckle down as much as I should have. I was very shy when it came to meeting new people, but I sometimes felt alone and depressed. Letting people in and going to more events would have given me a better attitude and more chances to make friends. I'm hoping that going into my sophomore year of college the life will come easier and be more enjoyable.


Going back to high school sounds like a terrifying nightmare to most people. I would probably not jump at the chance to redo high school, but there would be a few things that I would change. My senior year, I was just over high school and wanted to get out. Actually, that is how almost everyone felt. I felt like that everyday except graduation. The day of graduation it hit me that this was the last time I would see a lot of these classmates, teachers, and friends. I did not want graduation to end. This day meant the end of a lot of things. I had no idea what the next phase of life would bring. Do not get me wrong, college is special in it's own way, but high school was so simple. I wish I could see my friends and family whenever I want, sleep in my own bed, and actually eat tasteful food. This is just the next phase of life, but I wish I would have noticed that in high school. I should have slowed down in high school and not rush to the next "better" thing.


Dear high school self, You were so young and so oblivious to what college had to offer you as an individual. You should have taken your classes more seriously and tried to instill study habits that would not leave you to finishing 15 page research papers the night before it was due. College is very scary at first, but just remember you have what it takes to succeed and go far in life. Developing the unique skills and talents you have will be very important as you realize them and put them into great use. Self, remember to always put God first in everything you do: Don't lose sight of Him and he will always bless beyond what you deserve. If you can remember to do this and keep the garbage of life out of yours, you will be successful. Love, future self


Hey there girl. You're a smart cookie, but you've been trying to be what everyone else wants for too long now. Get out there, get a job, babysit, tutor, get to know people. Get to know people for who they are as people. Volunteer. Keep training for swimming. You don't have to go to college right away. If you do, I suggest somewhere relatively cheap, not too far from home. Go ahead and study nursing instead of pre-med. You can go to med school later on if you still want to by then, don't worry. But let yourself explore, try some new things. Maybe try out sociology, social work, health services, and take foreign language classes just for fun. Whatever you do with yourself, submit to God completely and follow Him in all things. Remember, He loves you most and He is the one you can ALWAYS trust, no matter what. Always know that you are beautiful and that you are loved. I want nothing but the best God has for you. Seeya in a few years, chica :)


The advice I would give is not to believe people when they tell you that your college years are the best years of your life. College is a intense time that will shape your life but define it. Take for example a lump of clay. High school graduation = unformed clay; College graduation = shaping the clay into a rough, unfinished piece of art; and life after college = polishing and completing the true piece of art that we become. So hang in there and don't let your clay dry out until you like who you are and until you can inspire another with the beauty of your art (life).


Study harder. Take AP clases, especially science and math. Study for the ACTs and SATs. Join academic clubs like math, chemistry, and chess club. We learned early in life that we're very smart, and we've gotten very good at doing the minimum necessary to get by. If you don't apply yourself, we're going to be a 40 year old freshman. Excercise! It's easy for you to stay in shape now, but it gets much harder. Stop playing Dungeons and Dragons, and reading fantasy novels. Read about science, math, psycology, politics, economics, history, philosophy, and neuroscience. Trust me, we eventually fall in love with all of those topics, get started now. Stop playing video games, and learn how to write software. All of our best friends in the future are programmers. They think it's weird that we don't know how. Especially since they all failed out of the math classes that you're going to get straight As in. Ask a girl to prom, that cute junior with the locker next to yours, she has a big crush on us, and we don't find out until five years later when she's married.


Knowledge is power. I would tell myself not to give up or be dicouraged. Make the time to get an education and don't let anyone change your mind. Be determined and you will be successful. There are many challenges and rough times ahead. You have a tough road ahead, but with a better education you can change the future. You are brilliant and have the potential to go far, just don't give up. We are 36 now and just starting college. We should have made the time and put in more effort. Don't settle for the waitress job or the potato factory or the cookie factory. That is what is in the future if you don't apply yourself and get you degree. No matter what path you take there are bound to be struggles, I'm not saying there won't. But those struggles are lifes way of teaching us. They make us who we are. Get an education and you will go far.


Go to college right after high school. Don't take a break from school for a while. Continue to live at home with your parents and maybe get a part-time job depending on your school load. But, make school first priority. A good solid education base will make life so much easier.


College is a crazy world and you have to know how to play the game. What do you cards look like; routs that you can take, and can you win if the dice gets thrown a curve ball. Senior me was not ready for this game and if I ever got the opportunity to give myself the heads up I would say, never give up, study more, know what you need in order to achieve your goals, reach for the greatest, make sure you know what your goals are or at least try to so there will be a drive to reach the top and every penny you get put it in savings. I would tell senior me to listen more to what information is given to you because just because people are telling you information it doesn't mean you are listening. I wish i would have known that going to a junior college meant that real life decisions are coming faster then i thought they were. A wise women once said, "your life is what ever you want it to be and whatever path you take make sure you're the one opening and closing doors for yourself."


Life is difficult sometimes, and what you want to pursue won't be easy, but don't disregard your academics. It's ok to toss around ideas and visions of where you see yourself, but know that its not going to be easy. Your entire life was easy, be thankful, but now you have to put in some effort. Trust yourself because you can achieve anything. You have so much enthusiasm in your work ethic, but for now you need to transition that enthusiasm and confidence into your scholastics. Otherwise, you'll find yourself struggling to regain your honor role grade point average and academic trust from your parents. Granted, you do love a challenge, but you deserve options. Thats all you've ever known. Don't take them for granted.


If I could go back to my senior year, I would tell myself not to go into the military. I completed only 2 weeks of Basic Training before developing depression caused by being away from the important people in my life and my home, which resulted in an entry-level separation not long after arriving. I would stress that even though it will give you the money for college, there are other ways to get money, although it will be difficult. The money is not worth destroying your emotional state and you need to stay with the people you love and they will help you and they will not be ashamed of you for not going into the military. You will go on that campus tour and be so happy and so excited to go, and it will hurt less leaving your family excited instead of scared. You should not let the issue of money prevent you from doing what you really want to do. It will be hard, but you can do it, and you will save yourself a month of crying and heartache being away from home doing what you never really wanted to do.


Going back in time, I would tell myself a number of things. I would make sure to tell myself not to be afraid. Before heading into college I feared taking the next step; i feared the unknown. I felt as though I would lose who I was. What I found out was that I discovered who I was. I became independent and learned about my views and why I believed what I believed. Another area I would address is to remind myself to remain focused. Often I get caught up in my social life and forget why I am there in the first place, which is to get an education. Although I don't believe going away to school is soley for an education, it is 90% of it. Going away to school helps you to define who you are, but it also helps you to learn responsibility. It is a necessity of life. It's a time of renewal and learning - learning in more ways than one. So don't be afraid. Embrace everything and learn from it all.


If I were given the chance to go back to high school, I would advise myself to be dedicated and proactive about my education. There are so many financial opportunities to those who try their best in their schooling and show a passion for learning. This dedication would also prepare me for the rigorous courses that college entails. It is always necessary to be dedicated to something throughout a person's life, regardless of whether it is an education or a career. Being dedicated and proactive would definitely have helped me with a transition into college life. I would also advise myself to get involved with as many activities as possible. College has many opportunities for students to get involved with their school, but with a greater commitment to education, sometimes it is difficult for a student to join different groups. High school is much more free and easy-going than an institution of higher education. Also, if I would have been more involved in organizations, then there would have been a greater possibility for me to receive financial aid. Student involvement is an aspect of education that could teach me many valuable lessons about life.


I love being in college, living in the dorm, and attending classes. There is so much homework. I feel that I was well prepared for college. I did take several classes in high school that have prepared me for the college life. I am so thankful that I went to our local vocational school and took appropriate classes (i.e., anatomy, etc.,) that I would need for college.


Get outside your comfort zone! Why are you shy and scared of what others think about you? There's a whole world full of people who are different from you and unique in interesting ways; meet them! Meeting people and making friends is a part of life that will always come around. You've lived in a bubble of high school for 4 years now, but in college there will be new faces everywhere. Start meeting new people now, and appreciate them for who they are; even if they're completely different from you. It may be a little awkward the first few times, but if you never get out there and try, you'll never know the blessing of friendship with other people. People are the color on canvas in this world, so get out there and start painting a fresh, new picture!


If I could go back in time I would tell myself how important achedemics are and that the balance between your social life and your achedemic life are very important. I would stress that figuring out this balance early on is very important although hard. I would tell myself to have a structured schedule and learn good time managment so that I won't stress myself out with deadlines or having too much scheduled in my day to day activities. I would tell myself to learn to say no to things so that I may have time for myself and not become overly busy.


Do not worry about what your major is.


i would encourage students to take school serious. be perpared and focus, delevope great study habits, to be open when need help and to be ready for stress but knowing that it is all going to be worth in the end. it is a great why to succeed and benefit in the future.


You need to relax and learn to let the little things slide. People will like you as long as you don't get so up in arms about the little things they do. In the grand scheme of it all, you need to focus on your work and your faith. Friends will come and you're naturally a warm person so they will stay. Don't take stuff so personally, either. They have good intentions and you will figure this out. Don't roll over, though. Be proud of who you are and stand firm in what you believe but also be willing to keep an open mind and acknowledge when you are wrong. It is always okay to say that you do not know. Never lie, never cheat, never steal, despite temptation. Finally, hit those books. You want to do something great and you will. Your professors believe in your potential, you just need the graduate schools to believe in you, too. Having a 3.0 GPA isn't the best attention getter but you can make it work. It would be easier with a higher GPA, though. Relax and breathe. You're awesome.


If I could go back and tell myself as a senior some advice, I would tell myself to learn how to study and to create that habit in high school. I was a student in high school that did not need to study to do well in classes. I was able to skate by high school with minimal studying and still graduate in the top ten of my class. When I got to college I thought I knew how to study but that was not the case. I found that my style of studying in high school was not enough for college classes. It took me almost a whole semester to find a way to study that worked for me. So if I could have gone back and started studying the way I do now when I was in high school my first semester of college would have gone a lot smoother. Knowing the information is so important because you are not just studying for a class but you are learning information for your career in the future.


Remember to spend as much time with family and friends before you leave for college, because your relationships will never be exactly the same. Make the most of your friendships at college. They become like your family. Love the Lord; He always provides.


Live at home with mom! Go to community college first to get your feet wet and figure out what you want to do. Then spend the extra money to get a good education from a small university. Make sure to get involved on campus in different organizations and groups, you will make great friends and it will more than pay off in the end. Don't worry you'll be fine.


I would tell myself to explore other majors, such as Physiology or Psychology or even Nutrition because all of these are options for someone who wants to attend Medical School in the future. Back then, I thought I had to major in either Biology or Chemistry in order to go to medical school, but that was not the case. I would tell my self to not major in biology because I would be required to learn about animals, plants, and the whole environment not just the human body, which is my area of interest. Also I would tell myself to consider attending an IU school so that all of the credits I earned in high school would not go to waste. Had I known these 2 key factors, I would be on a different educational path right now.


I would tell myself not to sweat the little things or the big things. Time is too precious to waste stressing out about matching bedspreads or a crazy roommate or stupid boys. I would tell myself to just enjoy being there and use every moment to benefit yourself!


Get involved in campus and community activities whenever you get the chance. You should pull yourself out of the box and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You will not regret this because this helps to prepare you for the new experiences you will face in college. But, you should never lose contact with those old high school friends and extended family members. Take time to really ponder and think about what your career choices and options are. Don't settle for the easy road. Think about your gifts, talents, and calling. Take lots of different electives to get a more well-rounded experience. While in high school, push yourself academically so you are ready for the strain of intense college work. And, if you ever have the opportunity, take college classes while you are still in high school. This gives you the freedom to take extra classes in college. Also, do not try to cram 4 years of work into 3, take time to enjoy college and do not feel bad about staying here as long as needed to finish your degree.


Since attending Indiana Wesleyan University I have learned that an education is important but also enjoying your college experience is important. I have always been a workaholic and an all A/B student. Grades and school have not been an issue for me but enjoy my experience has. My freshman year I was completely consumed with school work and grades that I did not take time to enjoy the experience and make friends and become a part of things. This year I have definately started to change this. I joined two clubs this year and have become very involved in them. I have also become a representative for our student government. I have been making a point to meet new people and make new friends. I have been spending more time with friends rather than constantly stressing about school. I have always known an education is important but had forgotten that enjoying life is equally important and that is something that I have come to realize since I have been in college.


My college experience has taught me that you can never take time and life for granted. Life is short and time flies by, so take advantage of the opportunities you have in front of you. I have learned that you have to work hard for what you want and what you believe in, and at all costs, do not sell yourself short for any temporary highs. College has prepared me for a life after college and the understanding that I need to be successful in it. I have learned that nothing comes easy, but the reward that comes from hard work and focusing on your goals is much more satisfying than any short cuts.


During my time at college I have received a greater sense of who I am and what kind of person that I would like to grow into. College was my first opportunity to get away from home and truly become an independent person. Up until that point my parents were always there to make my important life decisions for me, but the moment I left home for college, all of the responsibility for my life choices fell into my hands. I would not venture to say that college students are adults in the truest sense of the word, but I believe that college is an important stepping stone for every adolescent and young adult. It has proved to be just that for me.


Since I started attending Indiana Wesleyan, my faith has grown a tremendous amount. I have learned the importance of having fellowship with other students that focuses on our understanding and love of God. I know now that it is important to let non believers see God's light shine through me even in the hardest of situations. If I would have not gone to Indiana Wesleyan and instead would have chosen a different non religious college, I feel as though worldly objects would have hindered my relationship with God and my academic abilities. It has been valuable attending college because without it I feel as if I would not have grown. My spiritual life would not be where it is today, I would not have matured as a young adult, and my education would not be as extensive had I not gone to college. Many of my fellow classmates decided to stay at home and I see them now struggling to get by on minimum wage jobs. With secondary education a person can soar and live an abundant life and what Indiana Wesleyan teaches its students is to live that life with a heart full of love and God.


My college experience has been very influential and beneficial to my life. I received my first degree at Indiana Wesleyan University in 2005, in Intercultural Studies. There are invaluable lessons that people learn while in college. The most important things that most people learn are about themselves, about how to communicate with others, and how to learn life skills. I am re-enrolling at IWU to obtain my RNBSN degree, in January 2011. This program will only take 14 months to complete. It is important to attend college because it teaches people how to be responsible and to persevere through difficulties.


My passion has turned to purpose while at Indiana Wesleyan. In hindsight, I see how God laid the paths in front of me, gently steering me in the right direction. I came to college as a zealous music major driven by passion for the art. I also have a strong desire to serve others. Once arriving to Indiana Wesleyan it all became clear. It seems God set in motion a large circular path, pulling all roads into one. I now see teaching music will be the fulfillment of my heart and the joy of my life, as my passion and my desire to serve are conjoined. The value of my time at Indiana Wesleyan cannot be measured. I may have strayed from my calling without the guidance of professors and their emphasis on finding purpose in life. For me, college has been more than just books and assignments. It has been an eye opening, destiny revealing opportunity that I would be lost without.


Going to college is like adding salt to a pot of simmering soup. My parents supplied the pot - my environment - when I was born. Different textures were added to my life in the form of experiences and relationships with those around me. The aroma was becoming stronger - I was becoming me. As time passed, pressures heated up and the pot began to boil. What will my future hold? What should I do? Who am I? I had the vegetables (plentiful food), the chunks of meat (family and friends), the heaven-sent supply of water and blessings of health...but though I was 'ready', I still needed more. The granules of knowledge sprinked into my life from my college professors and my fellow college students has enriched my life in a way that was unprecendented. Now I have more to offer the world. Bon Apetit!


I have really been able to take what I have learned and i use it in my business world.