Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My University is best know for the good service and good education that the students receive.


The school has great education and liberal arts programs as well as a growing science department. The institution itself is a growing and has now added several new degrees in social work and criminal justice. The institutio offers many extracurricular activities such as tae kwon do and a theatre troupe that performs fully equipped musicals, American dramas, and Latinamerican works; various sports teams (basketball for females and males, track and field, softball, baseball, etc.) a newly added dance group, as well as educational and medical associations; an extensive library and resource centers.


its best known for helping the students in everything they in need. and for having great professors who the students too. also the programs in this university are all good and prepare the students for real life.


For being one of the best in Puerto Rico.


My school is best known for the quality of our students, we are the best in sports and the champions of the league in all colleges. Our nursing department is acredited by the joint commission and our profesors are dedicated and fully prepared . They are dedicated to gave us the best information and procedures that are going to made us excellent profesionals and to bring the best to save people.




My school is best known for its diversity of B.A's, associates degrees and technical certificates. Also they are known for their flexible schedules which adjust to the students needs. They basically care for the students and are available to help in many ways, not just academically.


Its athletic's and diverse courses.


Excellent education


For good education, good educators and good at making professionals.


Thats big and that the profesors are great!


Their curriculum


For the large number of graduates hired in the workplace.


Not quite sure. This campus is "average", it has everything a student need but it does not concentrate on a specific major.


We are known for ours athletes, ours excelent students and profesors, our tiger symbol, our humanity and friendship to any people who wants to be an interamerican studen or employee.


My university is outlined in the education and services to students


It's best known for their sport teams.

Derbie J.

Interamerican University is best known for being a solid educational institution with a broad variety of programs, and is also known for the tiger.


My school is best known for the good relationship between students, proffesors and faculty staff.


Our school is base on religion. But they're best in sports.


My best is the American school of Arecibo for the entire university staff, we try to always wonder. And I advise to you to make bad decisions in your future. And always come out ahead.


The location , the facilities and the variety of mayors that they offer. Also the professors are great and they really care for you to learn the correct way.


My college is best know for its diversity of programs, for its quiality of the professor, for the excellent service that the administration give to the community, and most importan, for its values and the responsibility to the community.


the profesors are so good with the students


their program of social work and chemistry


Sports Team


My school has 3 mayor areas of expertise: Education, Nursing and Technology. Good profesors. Is a small university were everyone knows everyone. The administration is always there to help you.


Inter American University of Puerto Rico is mostly known for preparing students in the areas of education, social work, business administration, nursing, among others, training them with the tools needed to play in the world work both in Puerto Rico and the United States.




Nurse program, Communications and Education


My school is best known for its great academic preparation and its championships in sports.