Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo Top Questions

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The calm enviroment is what's unique about my school.


It bring to the students the best education program and help them in all the areas that they need help, like academic or personal areas.


It has wide range of study. There are good opportunities for growth.


The unique attribute that Inter American University of Puerto Rico has is its online Elementary Education Program. I am on my third year and so far all my classes and labs fall right in with the State I live in. The classes are easy to follow and the professors nd academic advising office are available to answer any question I may have. I recommend this school only to fluent Spanish speaking/reading/writing students.


Education is excellent


The faculty is always an urge to help and teach you all things to learn well. In my case, teachers have taught me what it is to learn to study and focus well on what I want for my future.


Inter Comparing with other universities for me really is the best. The staff is unique, the student wishes to study and do not cause disturbances. Teachers are professionals who show their love for the vocation and desire to teach, assist and guide their students. Inter really is the best option. It has everything anyone wants to find their place of study. The facilities are incredible, technological classrooms and well equipped. And the areas encourage care for nature and recycling. I love Inter.


The availability of space to study and the distance from my home.

Janice Marie

I believe that the Inter American University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo, currently attending in my opinion is one of the best universities that exist in Puerto Rico, offering a variety of excellent programs for the future of Puerto Rico. The difference from other universities is that others do not offer the opportunities they give us ours, for example, accredited programs, employment opportunities, excellent teachers, among other things. Do not change my college for nothing, is what characterized me as a person and my future.


The great environment the university has.


The unique thing is that my university has everything for students. the latest technology, laboratory equipment, Access unlimited internet, trained teachers, counselors excellent, good security and ample parking. As a student you feel comfortable with the facilities and the different opportunities offered to other inmates as completing a Doctorate in Medicine in the Dominican Republic. For me, the Inter American of Puerto Rico is one of the most complete academic institutions and versatile in the country.


The unique about my school is the ease of sharing with other students, the ease of making new friends, the quality of services offered and availability of teachers and administration staff.


unique about this college is the interaction between students and professors. The learning enviroment and everyone is willing to give you support if neede to be successful in college.


Cleaning, treatment of employees to students, teachers, and good environment is not cornering with any other university. Teachers always make the effort to do well in the class, so is giving work to deliver or some research.


Arecibo Inter American University is unique in that all university staff treated us with great maturity, intelligence and affection. And we look for solutions and support for all sorts of problems, because in college make us all family. We do activities and take us to places to share together, have fun and feel the family. American did not change the Arecibo by any university.


The service to the student is excellent. They treat you as they priority.


The opportunity that brings to students like me with the "AVANCE" program that give me the chance to work, study and spend time with my family.


First of all and the most important it is how faculty personal are always looking for the best of you. They help you with any problem you might have. The students are very friendly and we like to take care and help each other. That's not something you see all the time. I'm very satisfied with this College.


There is no comparison with another university. As the Inter-American PR. is the best university in both academic classes in the structure. You are an accredited university. The field of study that is social work at the moment is accredited for eight years. In the university resive a fair and kind where you feel a special warmth. As a student I am organized and very studious, I finished two years and wish and work to give my best to make to society for the welfare of human beings and learned everything. In search of their strength.


The InterAmerican University has allowed me to continue my studies through Distance Learning; I am able to complete my courses totally online. I am employed full time, I have a wonderful daughter and many other roles in my life, and the opportunity to complete my degree from home is such a blessing. The ability to study when I can when I can is an added value to my somewhat busy life. I am very happy and satisfied with my learning experience.


The price, the people, the curriculum and how it's more closer to home. The warmth and professionalism of the professors is amazing. Plus, Inter American University is the only university that offers aviation curriculum in Puerto Rico.