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What kind of person should not attend this school?


Any kind of person should attend this schoo. I think that this school is for anyone who wants to become a profesional in this life. Students here are treated equally.


I believe that every person has the right to attend any university in Puerto Rico and is able to accomplish anything in life if they believe in themselves. To be able to believe in themselves, they must acquire certain qualities such as: aspirations, goals, dedication, among others. If they own any of these qualities, they would be good kind of people to be eligable and attend any school, not only this institution.


I consider that the people who are not serious of completing there degree are the kind of people who dont deseve to attend to this university. These people influense the students that are not consintrated and easily influensed to continue there dreams, helping them flunk in there studies. The students arent also disturbed the teachers are also disturbed because of these students disropting the class, puting the class out of control. In general, this affects in many ways, but when this happens you see the interest in every student , so its up to the students to diside what to do.


Do not attend this university or any person who does not want to raise their self-esteem, interact, prepare for the future, educate and be a professional. And I'm struggling with the English, google helped me, excuse the horrors and still blessed.


People should not attend this university does not exist. We are all persons and all deserve a chance of a good education, to give hope for a better future and future development of our country. All people who are open to the idea of receiving education, all people who have desire to a change, all people who have dreams, all people that just have the idea of a better future, all of this persons, I'm sure will be welcome not only for "attend" this school, also for the beginning of the rest of their new lives.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school are the kind of person that are not interested in their studies. Like for example; the bullies, drug dealers etc.


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At Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo attended by people from different social classes. It is common to study with Young wealthy parents and Young of middle- poor class.


They should not get people who have no desire to study or people who just want to go to waste time and shit if they have many years of study to choose a collage.


All kind of person can attend this university, because it meets all expectations of a student.


People that like being driven to their goal; or people that see the college only for their activities and dont pay attention to the resources.


People that should not attend this school are people with disabilities since the personel are not that conciderative. One there was a student on wheelchair and because she had not paid for elevator facilities she could not use it to go to a classroom. I do not believe they are conciderate. They only care about the money. She already had paid for her class. What more did they want?


There are many students going to study how others don't. Whatever affects academically should stay away . People who do not attend classes, do work or study and end up expelled from college. Unfortunately. We are talking about their future none of those people who claim to be your friends help you with things from college or will give you money for your stuff when you do not have a job for not ending your career. It does not sound nice but it's true. They don't care about your future just want to drag you to their vices.


I'm not at liberty to discuss the type of person who shouldn't attend the school. I believe anyone who is motivated should attend and if I had to choose I would say people who are coming to waste their time shouldn't attend a school where they may take a motivated students' spot.


This university attend all types of students.


It is a really good university, any person that want to join it should do it, but is expensive so it has to know that they will have to make some sacrifices.


My opinion is that no matter what kind of person who is, if you really have the desire to succeed should be in it. All have the right to progress, so there would be some specific kind of person should not be in it, unless it was actually losing time and not interested in studying.


I think this is a good University for everybody, there is no special needs for study in here. You just need to be responsible and want to learn a lot.


Some people who do not attend this university are persons who want to get a degree without sacrifice or compromise their future. People who do not care to fight for their goals and / or dreams and prefer to stay in a comfort zone and not be a tree with good fruit.


Every town has a small amout of students allowed in the Interamerican University. Our University had more than three campuses allowing diferentically courses. They should have more peopler around the world . Being just an independent group isn't enough.


In this school shouldn't attend people with drug. People with alcohol and other sustance.


To this university will not attending people that can not cover the costs of the registration. But there are people like me although we can not cover all the costs we make some sacrificies to study in this university because the good preparation.


A person who want to lost the time, and who don't take seriously the studies.


people that are committed with themselves and that really want to learn and be well prepared for their future in the envoiroment


Personas que fueran responsables.


Everybody should be welcome to this University.




People who do not have any kind of commitment to their life and society should not attend. Everyone who is looking for others to do the work should not go to college because they are delegating their leaders to other people.


Nobody, we all are equal.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school should be a person who has no desire to learn and work hard to achieve a good education. In my opinion, this school is one of the best. There is diversity of cultures, friendly people, caring professors, and nice surroundings. The education is excellent. And there is no reason for a person to not want to attend this school, unless he/she is not willing be focused to try hard.