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What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


In my case is not as easy to pay my studies, the credits are expensive. Many semesters I had to take a few courses or summer I can not study because I have to pay my and this makes me feel a little sad. For this reason I have been slow to finish my bachelor, this would be the most frustrating of my university.


he most frustrating thing about my school is the expensive cost of the credits. I think is the only thing that I desagree.


IMy only frustration I have at the moment is how to pay for my classes completely. I can not make loans and let me know how I can offer assistance in completing my Barchillerato in early ducation. I have a pell grant but not enough to cover the cost of each class. I appreciate the frustration that can go when I have to resolve how to pay for my classes without having to pay. they can not offer more help for students like me, because we work two in the house, but not enough to cover expenses and pay pay


For me the most frustrating thing is the cost of the credits. I love studying in the Inter American University in Arecibo, but sometimes is a little challenging because of my financial situation.


At this particular time is paying my bill. Because I worked full time and all my paychecks are for paying college.


I am a freshman and the university is nothing if not frustrated just makes me feel a little frustrating is the kind of math to try to give my best always the best but I've given a 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} but the class remains the same . with the help of the university's what I have done to Lante tutoring, guidance, among other things.


The frustrating thing is the process of college tuition.


Well, the most frustrating thing about my shcool is its dont have a Gym and dont have a band. Thats is nesesary for some studentsb in that University because is a oportunity to get a scholarship for paid the studies. The Gym are very important because is a healthy entertaintment for the society of the university.


Paying ten cents for no color copies and eighty cents for colored copies gets me highly upset along with another huge problem of no air conditioner in the cafeteria where students along with everyone else go to grab a bite and study. We, and I mean students like myself, have to pay for every single copy we need, and waste all of our ink at home too! And, the cafeteria should have air conditioner because it would be very pleasant to be able to sip on a cup of coffee while reading a book in a not so hot environment.

Hermes Jose

Really difficult to speak with a counselor. No imformation ontime. Some Online teacher are not organize. Online library sucks! Online Students do not have ID either ATM card to receive refund. Is a Christian University But many teachers are atheists (this is funny). Most students are nasty and nuts.


Nothing. I love my University on all aspects.


The most frustrating thing about my school is


The parking




In my school there nothing frustating. Everything is perfecto for me.


A big problem in all the Universities in Puerto Rico is about parking spaces and methods of transportation and also about jobs opportunity and pay rate.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how expensive it is.


Despite being an excellent university, my biggest frustration has been the failure to have sufficient financial resources to cover expenses related to my studies. Books and other essential expenses.


Financial aid


The most frustrating thing about my school would be that they didn't accept more than 9 out of the 60 credits from my previous degree so now I have to study everything all over again as if I hadn't done so before. I am 42 years old now so believe me it is frustrating to find myself starting all over again at this age when I should already be in a steady position or job...


The most frustrating thing in the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico Arecibo Campus is that for the computer science students there is not options for another OS plataforms like unix and linux.


Most of the computers in many of the classrooms are way outdated and are more of a headache, for now. At least the Computer Sciences major is pretty frustrating since education is mediocre for such a high price compared to the state university. Some of the professors in this field don't show they have deep knowledge of the field, so I would recommend anyone to stay away from Computer Sciences at this campus, you'll be dissapointed. Life Sciences majors are a different story.


I think that icant doet but i didit


The most frustrating thing about my school is trying to understand various proffessors, they really should have consider if they could be proffessors hahahaha.


The most frustrating thing right now is the high tuition costs.


I haven't a situation in my bschool in which I can tell you that "that" is the worst thing in my school, but if I have to name one I can tell find sometimes an specific class.