Ivy Tech Community College-Northwest Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would of made better grades and learned more about computers. I should have continued my education to college out of H.S. instead of giving up for a higher position at my job at the time. I worked there for ten years only for the company to sell. I worked a different locations since then and I wish I could go back and finish my education and maybe my children and I would have the things we need today. I also suffer with back and leg issues today from the physical labor instead of being smart and using my mind. I am trying to set a good example by finishing my degree for my children. I wish my school in 1995 would of been more technology savvy. Since technology is always changing maybe I can always have a job ot continue my education. I would love to teach others in my age group the basics of technology because believe it or not most people in my age group have no idea! I wish I would of took the time and taught myself. I wish my family could of afforded to get me a computer.


I would advice to myself that I was going to do good and believe in myself more. I also would have not been so nervous about the school I was going to.


I would tell myself first of all not to rush in picking what school to go to, but to take my time and see what each school offers and what school would best fit me. Its not about what everybody else is doing or what everyone wants you to do, its about finding the right school for me, one that will not only offer me a good education but one that I can adjust too and feel comfortable in. College is not so much as hard, its the fact that you have to want to master the material. The insturctor can only teach you so much in a short span of time and everything else you have to acquire on your on whether its through a personal life experience or out of a text book. In order to be successful you have to but in alot of time, hard work and effort.


If i could go back in time , I would think about what i really wanted to do. I wiched I would have known what i wanted to go to college for and also I would have thought about how i was going to fund my schooling. My mom did not save for me to go to college so now i am paying for it by myself.


Well I would have work a little harder as a senior in high school...


If I could go back to a senior in high school knowing what I know now about college life I would tell myself to take the plunge and attend college right away. I would endeavor to get the full college experience and live on campus and get involved in clubs and organizations to allow me to meet people from different cultures and fully take advantage of all that college life has to offer.


I would go back and tell myself to not be lazy! I would let myself know that college is one year away, and that i need to start applying to as many schools as i can. I would tell me to be prepared to live on my own and manage my time wisely. I would have to make many more sacrifices than in high school, such as, budgeting my time better, getting all of my homework done before any recereational activities are done, study and read as much as i possibly can, and finally get the grades that i deserve for all of my hard work. The last bit of advice that i would give to my self would be to try and strive as best as i can, it is going to be a tough four years, but with hard work and dedication come great success!


I would tell myself that is te best thing that is going to happend and never give up my dreams..


If I were able to go back in time as a senior, the advise I would give myself about college life and making a transition would be to remenise the stories my parents would tell me, how poor they were before coming to this great country and became citizens and to reflect upon my parents hopes and dreams to live a better life that they never had at my age.