John A Logan College Top Questions

What should every freshman at John A Logan College know before they start?


It's a wonderful thing to reminisce, to dream of what could have been. Life is developed through experience and we learn from our mistakes. That being said, if possible, I would never deny myself the opportuniy to tell 18 year-old me I am not invincible. It's so important to have humility. There is no shame in asking for help. I wish I would've taken applying scholarships seriously. College is expensive and debt is not lovely. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself hard work is worth it. Nothing feels better than earning your dreams and making them a reality.


If I were able to give myself advices as a high school senior I would first say that the keys to a successful future include an omniscient education and secure goals. I would advise of going straight to college upon graduated from high school. In reality I had waited until I was 28 years old to attend college. I would highly recommend online college due to its accessibility and scheduling. I would also suggest picking a major that will be something I will love doing as a career as well as offer secure financial gain. My main point would be to strive with high hopes of academic achievement as it opens so many doors of opportunity and self fulfillment.


If I could go back in time an talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that its not easy and at times it becomes very stressfull , expecially when you have papers to write in almost every class. I would also tell myself that in order to survive an do well in college that I have to focus more on what I can do an what I do understand instead of what I cant do because I dont understand it.


If I could go back to high school as a senior, I would remind myself that college is different from high school. Each professor have different expectations and guidelines. In high, some teachers would accept homework assignments late or tardiness. There are high school teachers, who are capable of giving a student chances to change their behavior. However, in college, each student is expected to be in class on time. Repeated absences and tardiness will not be tolerated. Failure to submit to these requirements could result in a student's grade being lowered or the student being asked to drop the course. Just like high school, students will be expected to bring a textbook and writing materials to every class. The most important fact about college; no one will be there to supervise your performance in school, therefore, its the student's responsibility to ensure themselves a opportunity for success.


Katie, I know you're only seventeen years old but you have a lot of very important decisions to make in the near future. Things in college are way different than they are in high school, and you may think that there is plenty of time for all of that, but you need to get a move on it as soon as possible. Don't wait until the last minute, because there will be less oportunities open to you and everything will just take longer to get done. Apply for scholarships NOW, and don't wait until your last year at junior college to decide on your major. Don't take all the easy classes first, you need to spread them out or you will be stuck taking all of your hard classes at once which will make for an extremely stressful second year at community college. Most of all, don't get too stressed out about the little stuff, because it always works out in the end; and never forget that there are alot of people who are there for you. Love Always, Katie (P.S. Keep away from boys named Shane!)


I would rather go back to talk to myself as a freshman in highschool. I would tell myself to get more involved in extra activites that would look good on a scholarship application, and keep in mind the whole four years that I want to go to college and work toward that goal.


The advise I could tell myself isn't really any of words. What I've learned about education and the importance of it all came from first hand experience. I have seen my mother, who just turned 59 years old, graduate with two masters degrees and studying in Amsterdam as we speak. I could say that the path I was headed is not something I would recommend anyone take. I was willing to settle for a minimum wage job working at a restuarant the rest of my life. Then it hit me. I still had options in my life and that I wasn't exploring any of them. Education is vitally important in persuing something that could vitally impact lives such as kids like me and how I was back in the day. A person who did not take school seriously has finally taken it seriously. I would look myself square in the eyes and tell him, never settle in life when you can make an impact for the future of our young minds. Minds similar to my own. The future is bright if you don't settle.