Judson University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


how much it cost and the dorms could be better


If I really had to choose it would be the parking. There needs to be clearly defind areas of where you can and cannot park, signs and or colored stripes to let you know not to park their. There needs to be more parking spaces and or a bigger lot in some of the parking areas. Many times there is a workshop bringing outside people to the campus , leaving the students and facutly without places to park.


The course pricing per credit hour of $458 for a Major Cohort total of $19,236.00.


Sometimes I feel trapped in our little school atmosphere, "the Judson Bubble" as we often call it. Usually everything we need is right there on campus.


The fact that we cannot live off campus until we are 24 yrs. old. I think its utterly ridiculous, and the fact that most people will graduate before they can live off campus. Upper classmen should be able to live on their own, or in off-campus housing.


The size of the school; everyone knows everyone, so everyone knows everyone's problems.


There is no dancing on campus or at campus sponsored events which can be annoying at homecoming and other large events that would traditionally include dancing.


Sometimes the rules seem to make things difficult. However, they do end up helping often. Also, because of it's small size it is sometimes hard to feel like you've been educated with varying ideas and thoughts about a particular subject area.


The main major is Architecture, which is a very demanding major, so a majority of the people are often too busy with work. That limits social life a lot, so campus is usually is little dull.

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