Judson University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the small school. I really like how all the professors are free for any help you need outside of classes. I like being outside of Chicago. I've met some really amazing life long friends and I've really been able to build lots of great friendships with people. I've received quite a quality education as well.


The proffessors are loyal, and they actually care and take time out of their schedule to help you.


The Christian atmosphere it provides. It has helped me to grow spiritually and progress mentally.


The best thing about my school has to be the class size and the community that is built through that. Its easier to go to class when you know every single person there, I feel more at ease when I know that I can call my professor in the evening when I need help with homework because the classes are so small they feel like family.


It's a smaller campus so you are able to get to know more people than you would on a larger campus. It helps to build community.


The community and environment in the doorms that carry over into the classroom. The teachers are always concerned with what is going on with a student academically as well as personally. Since class sizes are small there is time and reason for professors to be involved in students lives. Also, the students are all involved in helping each other. We are like one big family.

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