Kansas City Art Institute Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


KCAI is known for the arts, be it painting or calligraphy. Student from all over the world come the Art Institute to be saturated in the artist atomsphere. Entering as a freshman you will have a bracing expeirence, be leave me bracing is putting it modestly. It will challenge ur artistic prowess ,you will become perspectively better as a artist. Your mind will be exposed to differenty methods and medias of art making.


KCAI is best known for its dual degree program in a studio art and a liberal art. This program is fairly new, and is a great way to get into a high level graduate school. It is also very well known for its Ceramic department, known to be one of the best in the nation. Overall it is one of the better art schools in the nation.


It's ceramics department


I believe KCAI is best known for being one of the top art schools in the country. They really try everything to get you prepared to be an artist and not to listen to what society may say about getting jobs in the arts. KCAI is all about waking you up and making you realize what it really takes to become what and who you really want to be as an artist.


I believe this school is best known for the foundation program. It is a valuable beginning to becoming an artist. When the students arrive they are placed in small groups with one instructor for a full semester. The work load is demanding and it allows the students the opportunity to find their strengths which more specifically defines their interests. It prepares students for the forthcoming academic demands and time management skills necessary to fulfill studio demands. The second semester of foundation offers several workshops for students to choose from. They differ as they relate to different major fields of study.


Producing brilliant artists, its good name, it is an old and highly acclaimed arts institute.


ART! over one hundred years of teaching fine art. six hundred students, very tight community. fully accredited four year school of art and design, ceramics and painting department are revered as some of the top practicing studios.


Thomas Hart Benton. Walt Disney. Being small and private. Giving students their own "studio" space. Being very liberal and the common use of drugs amongst students.


best undergraduate programs available in the midwest.


KCAI is best known for its Foundations Programs which is an introductory course into the basic art making skills. It also boasts that Walt Disney attended the insitute and that Robert Morris attended the insitute. Thomas Hart Benton also taught courses their in the 1930s.