Kansas City Art Institute Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Kansas City Art Institute?


The school is centered in a rich art and music scene.


The positive direction my art work has taken since sophmore year due to a dedicated, thoughtful chairhead of my department is the first thing I acknowledge. My like minded contemporaries that inspire me and educate my own work as an artist, the teachers that have legitamte work in their field and an actual interest in the students' feelings and success all carry an equal weight to me. Then I'm very proud of our small campus appeal, especially that there are wonderful resources specific to animation and are up to par with industry standards, that there's enough for everyone.


I don't have to worry about taking a mathematics course.


I'll commonly brag about my current career opertunites. Not in terms of an actual career, but the fact that I've already in an internship, and it's only my sophomore year. I'll have another before graduation, and work on many freelance projects. The skills and opertunities offered to students at KCAI are incomparable to any other college, and combined with our unique curiculum, our students are often hired in their ideal careers.


The teachers and how willing they are to accept my creative understanding. As a painting student who's going into an illustrative career, my instructer supports my goals and helps me with names to research and involve in my artistic learning. I also 'boast' about the freedom I feel as a human being on the campus. Everyone is so accepting and welcoming, I don't have to worry about how I dress or speak and can focus even more of my attention towards my art and creating my own future.


I stay up late through the night every night working on studio projects


We have great visiting artists. One will expand their visual language far greater than they could ever expect. If they think they're good at art now, wait and see what they'll do after a couple years here. They're very open to all forms of art and let you have freedom within your major.


teachers are individuals, not graduate school clones.