Kansas City Art Institute Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Kansas City Art Institute? Why?


The worst thing is the "alone" factor. In surroundings like this, you're centered in an area with a lot of (for the most part), incredibly self-centered people. If you find yourself unable to connect with the overwhelming nonconformist factor (i.e. LGBT or drug culture), than you're liable to get lost in that tide of self-proclaimed uniqueness. Most here wear this uniform of artistic ingenuity. Suck it up.


The fact that it is such an awesome school, and I can get a superior education to pursue a degree in both Art History and Painting, but it is so expensive, and difficult to pay for--even though I know it's worth it in the end.


The worst thing about my school is possibly that it generally favors the abstract form of art above others. Many professors hold the belief that abstract art is more "real" than art with visual representation, so it can be pretty difficult for someone who specializes in more literal, representational artwork.


The worst thing about my school is the best thing about my school. My school is small. Everyone knows everyone eventually, and that means that everyone knows everything. However, the scale tips in favor of it being a small school. I get more one on one time with my teachers, and more chances to be recognized for my work. There are worse things in life than gossip. If anything, it helps you get over the petty things in life, and get your priorities in order.


The worst thing about my school is the cost. It is so expensive even with finicial aid. I am the only one paying for my schooling and with no help from my parents it gets really costly.


The worst thing about this school is the lack of communication between the administration and its faculty and students. The upper levels of administation hardly ever or never interact with students, and are often unaware of what is happening in their own institution. This disconnection is felt by the students and teachers, giving a sense of insecurity. Students do not want to feel like "numbers" or "statistics." Even though each student only spends (on average) 4 years here, doesn't mean their impact will not last forever.


The worst thing about my school is the graphic arts workshop which is mandatory to all foundation students with a $35 fee. The instructor was incompetent. It was an utter waste of my time and money.


The worst thing about my school is that many of the students feel they are not going to have a degree-related job post-graduation. Though it is relatively easy for artists to get (unpaid) internships, (unpaid) artist residencies, or continue on to graduate school, many of us are concerned about the large sum of loans that we need to pay off. This issue is constantly on my mind and I dont feel like any professors have helped me to find a real solution to the problem, instead of a way to put off paying them.


How small the school is, is both a strength and a weakness. one one hand the classes are small, and you have caring faculty who are able to deliver specified content. however do to how small the school is it is often hard to meet people, and the school can get quite lonley. however this forces the students to beacome more self-reliant, and independant. it is a hard transition, but from what i gather this experience is part of the education.


The worst thing about school so far for me as a freshmen is the lack of supplies. I understand we need to have general supplies but it's like everyday we need some kind of new supplies and I am not able to work because of my classes. So, my income depends on whatever money I can get from my parents or what I have left on my credit card. I would love to have a general supply box or something that we could use during class.