Kansas City Art Institute Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is extremely passionate about art. They must have the ability to go through foundations, (the first year) which is basically art boot camp. It is difficult, but the kind of person they want at the school is someone who can handle all of the pressure of deadlines and trying different medias.


A creative, innovative, responsible person should attend this school. This person should be prepared for anything and everything, and have the ambition and spirit it takes to solve all kinds of problems. This person should be open-minded, in the true sense of the word. This person does not have to be willing to "accept" everything, but should be able to thoughtfully explain why he/she makes the decisions he/she does.


People who are serious about their art and taking it to the next level belong at KCAI. Even though Freshmen year is rough, it gets easier, and more individually focused as you progress. An open-mind is also a neccesity, because everyone on campus has an overwhelming sum of information to share with you as a student, an open-mind is needed to hold it all in. This is a school of opportunity, and if you have the drive and motivation to follow your dreams and make them happen, KCAI is for you.


Anyone seeking to become a successful career artist and truly advance in the art world should attend this school. The assignments and overall environment are very conducive to exercising and honing one's creativity in preparation for the real world. The Kansas City Art Institute provides access to the real art world, giving anyone interested in having a successful art career a push toward fulfilling this dream.