Kansas City Art Institute Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had had more time, teaching and encouragement to explore graphic design beyond the computer, that it's not just about text and photographs produced by a machine, that art starts outside of the circuit boards, it starts with us our hands. That way design is much, much deeper and much more meaningful.


Not to consider myself an artist, so that whenever I entered the foundations program I would not have been so hard on myself, and might have been more willing to listen to the crticism I recieved on my artwork, rather than getting wrongly offended.


To succeed here you must take control of your education, your finances, and your desire to learn. This school is very focused on individual growth and responsibility; the classes are worth as much as you are willing to put into them.


Well because I went to a public school that had a focus on art, i t made it easier for me to know what to expect and what kind of work load I should prepare for in college. I think it was hard for some students to seperate their studio time from academic classes. Soemtimes it can be more inspirational to work on art than work on liberal arts homework, but that is completely wrong! It is the opposite way. Liberal arts teachers design their classes to give inspiration for studio practice.


Kansas City is more like a big town rather than a bustling city.


I wish I had known the impact of a strong work ethic would have on my academic career. The first two years of college I spent in a constant struggle to do the least possible amount of work to appease the instructors' wishes. Looking back, it was only when I began doing work for myself and researching topics beyond or even completely unrelated to my assignments that I began to truly learn and feel academically fulfilled.


I wish I would have know what kind of artist I was before I came to this school. It turned out to be ok because this school allows one to search for themselves through art. I wish I would of known that freshman years GPA would of affected my GPA throughout my four years in college. I could have taken liberial art classes at near by colleges that would of been easyer to get a good grade and would not hurt my GPA by takeing a hard.... I wish I would of known about more scholarships I could of gotten.


Everything/situation is what you make of it.


That some of the teachers tend to be meaner and looking for only perfection or over-acheiving students. Also some of them aren't as helpful as others.