Kean University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It is best known for Education and Psychology majors and being affordable.


Education majors


Being conservative with the environment and always trying to find ways to make it green.


Kean University is well known for accommodating commuter students. The tuition, academic & recreational offerings are very well balanced so that even the part-time or evening students can take advantage of the benefits of college life.


It is known as a goos teachers school to become a teacher


A world class education.


This school is best known for having very good undergraduate and graduate programs to succeed in the mojor chosen


My college is best known for its training in teachers. Kean University has grown to become one of New Jersey's largest institutions of higher learning. It is also known for its diversity, it was ranked among some of the top colleges in New Jersey for it. The overall learning experience at Kean is wonderful. You get to meet a lot of supportive people and you feel welcome.


Kean University is known for its great athletic department .


diversity, convenience, and affordability


their greek life, theatre department, education department, and media & film department


My school is best known for best business program. All my professor are very talented and know what they are teaching. So far, I did not find my- self getting bored in my classes. I really enjoy all my classes and that makes me come to Kean University with smile on my face every day.


Clean, tidy, diverse.