Kean University Top Questions

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It is very good when it comes to financial need and is a commuter school so if you plan on commuting it is good.


I think that my school's gym facility is the most unique thing about our school. It has alot of things that can help you become physically fit. Some of these things include basketball courts, indoor swimming pool, a weight room, dance classes, and yoga classes.


My school has a train station right across the street with access directly to NY City. It is very eco- and community friendly and encourages students to be so as well.


How easy it is to get aquainted with others because of the small size of classes.


Kean University is unique because many students that come attend this school are from a variety of backgrounds. This school has a lot of cultural diversity. Kean University is also one of the smaller schools that i had considered. Since it is small, every student is able to have a say in what decisions and actions will help to make thier education a better one for the future. This school is also different from other schools I applied to because the dorming is especial nicer, giving the students a more spacial and comfortable environment to live in.


HI, I love my school because it has small classes. It is very important to me that you can focus and ask many questions that you want. If it is many student in my class I can not able to ask a lot of questions. Then I might have problem doing my homework. My school also provide hot, fresh and variety of food. One thing I liked about my school is there is a train station five minutes away from my campus. Therefore I have no problem of ride. I love my school.


there is plenty of diversity in many different aspects at kean. its a small school, but not so small that you would see all of your friends each day. class sizes differ from small to large. you can choose a specific major and still take classes at branch campuses to meet your course requirements.