Kean University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I have visited their school a few times before I committed and overall it's seems like the school for me. With the small teacher:student ratio it makes it easier to know my professor and easier asses able.


The campus is very safe, most of the professors are helpful. Have fun


The best thing about Kean University is the landscape and the beautiful buildings. There is also a lot of history at Kean University which makes the campus feel more comforting. If i were to change something about the school I would change the location. The campus is located on the outskirts of Newark and Elizabeth which are two urban cities. The campus itself is a safe enviornament, but student do not feel comfortable walking outside of the campus. The campus itself is a very good size. It is large enough to get a taste of different scenary but it is small enough where you do not have to strain yourself when walking across campus. When i tell people that i go to Kean University I do not get a grand response but I don't get a negative repsonse either. Kean is a very respected school but it is not a large football school which is what most people look for when they think of different colleges. When I am on campus I enjoy hanging out in the library. The library just bult a starbucks which is very humble and comfortable. The biggest controvery on campus right now is the threat of Kean Universtiy losing it accreditation. Rumor has it that this is nothing to worry about and that it is all worked out. There definetly could be more school pride on this campus, but there is still a decent amount. There is generally a very good turn out come homecoming when the school spirit is up, but any other time during the season i dont think more then half of the student population can tell you our football teams record. The most frequent student complaints are always about parking. It is beyond difficult to find a parking spot close to where you need to go. Kean is a big commuter school so there is a lot of cars in the parking lot. Fortunatley the campus is not a large so the time it takes to walk to class is never ridiculous.