Kenyon College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Kenyon College is the lack of internship and career opportunities directly involved with the school. This is partially caused by it being a very small school but it is also very difficult to maintain a high GPA and internship opportunities generally don't take that into consideration as much as they should.


The worst thing about Kenyon is that I am so far away from my home. Although I believe that going to school out of state is very important in terms of developing and growing as a person and learning so many life lessons, its just hard. If I ever really need my friends or my mom, the closest I can get to them is by phone or computer. Similarly, its hard to make friends because some people clump together instantly, leaving shy people like me to fend for themselves and work much harder to find a niche.


The small population at Kenyon is both a gift and a curse. On the one hand it allows you to really bond with other members of the community, but on the the other, the small community can, at times, be limiting. Because we are small community, located in a remote location we forget how "real" the "real world" can be. We sometimes forget that greater societies don't function like the society at Kenyon. The students refer to it as living in the Kenyon bubble. However, as far as I know, people don't have problems adjusting when they graduate.


rural location, not a whole lot to do off campus


I think the wors thing about my school is a heavy emphasis on the drinking culture at Kenyon. Since Kenyon is in a small town and fraternities/sororities are housed in residential halls with everyone else, their culture becomes Kenyon's culture.


There are a lot of snobby people. If they are not snobby then they can off so to the locals.


People are kind of fickle as far as their commitment to their ideas and projects outside of class. It's hard to get a lot of people consistently interested in something that's not this weekend's party.


The fact that there are less than 10 buisnesses in town.

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