Kenyon College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Shout out to the swim team! The lords swim team is pretty famous for winning 34 NCAA championships and having the longest winning streak in NCAA history. A lot of students are on sports teams, though, and all the teams seem to be close-knit. There are a variety of frats and sororities that are also very close. The sports teams and greek life organizations throw great parties, often held in the Old Kenyon basement, that the whole school is invited to and encouraged to attend, and no one cares whether you're drinking or not drinking, which is great. Our a cappella scene is absolutely stunning, and there are a variety of other musical groups you can participate in, too. There are lots of clubs and committees, so whatever you're in to, I'm sure you can find a club/sport/committee/organization to be part of at Kenyon.


Everyone is involved in something and has at least one activity they feel passionately about. As a two sport athlete and double major I didn't have a ton of spare time but I still worked on campus, was on the junior/senior class council and volunteered at the humane society, wiggin street elementary school and hotmeals. Frats and sororities are important to those involved and also to pretty much everyone that likes to party. All greek parties open up to the student body so they are a great place to dance, meet people and drink free beer.


the frisbee team has become more popular, along with frats. athletic events are not popular at all. the dating scene is almost non existent, with the occasional drunken hook up that happens to turn into something more. I met my closest friends in my dorm. people party every weekend and every wednesday. if you don't drink, don't expect there to be much else to do, because the social life is strongly centered around getting drunk every weekend.


Athletic events are a joke. Freshman year Homecoming weekend was on the same weekend as reading days-- when many students leave campus and go home. Theatre is a big deal. Kenyon has a great theatre programme and the theatre kids are VERY much into honing their craft. Really, they are on the ill thespian jumpoff. Parties at Kenyon involve heavy drinking. When the beer runs out, the party's over. period. Fraternity life is quite present, as they pretty much control the party scene. Parties are free, and every weekend, without fail, some fraternity is throwing a party. Be it registered of unregistered. These parties can be fun, but sometimes the music choices can be questionable. Party nights are Fridays, Saturdays and Wednesdays. Wednesdays are serious business. There's always a party, and sometimes the parties can be more live on Wednesdays than on the weekend. It's weird, but it's the perfect day to get silly. Every year we have the winter formal Philander Phling, Shock your momma, and Summer sendoff. At all three events, people get really shitty.


Students playing golf with tennis balls on the Science Quad.


A Kenyon party, with singing


Theatre is wonderful. There is a lot of opportunities to take part in a production even if you aren't involved in the drama department. Shows are put on by individual students in the smaller student operated theatre called "the black box." These are easy to audition for, very relaxed, and a lot of fun! The theatre department tself is a little more political and intimidation - for someone who just wants to participate, it is hard to get in over serious theatre majors who know the faculty directors etc etc. There are a lot of traditions, like Phling, which is like a spring dance (spring fling - but I am not from the US so I have no idea what that is), the bug dress up Halloween party which EVERYBODY goes to and is so much fun, other themed parties take place throughout the year too, and loads of semi-formals for the different greek organisations. I personally am not much of a partyer or a drinker, so i doubt I am the best person to ask about that. I think there is too much partying and drinking, but of COURSE I am going to say that! I have already talked about some of the different campus organisations, but there are so many more, like the women's centre, the different singing groups and musical groups/bands, film clubs, political clubs, ballroom dancing, martial arts, etc etc. I really enjoy going to the movies in the athletic centre on Fridays. There is a cinema-like theatre where the film society play movies every Friday evening. There are plenty of dry events that are held on weekends too.


I don't know what groups are the most popular, I only know what I do. I"ve spent some time working with campus literary magazines but for the most part I run ArtClub which organizes and puts up student art shows around campus. I've also spent time working with the screenprinting club which is sort of underground at the moment, but we print for different campus organizations, or really just making whatever we want for fun. Frats are important if you want them to be, honestly I never go to the parties but certainly enough people do to make a life of that, though of course the other possibilities really are endless. If I were awake at 2am on a Tuesday I'd either be writing a paper, camping in the woods, swimming in the kokosing or running around with a friend, maybe building something.


Clubs, IMs, and fraternities are popular on campus. These organizations are by no means mutually exclusive. The fraternities tend to be the social scene on campus and are not exclusive at all, they are probably the friendliest people on campus surprisingly. People drink but its not out of control, except for the first few weekends when freshman girls think they can drink as much as freshman football players. But after a few bad hangovers everything mellows out.


My friends lived on my hall Freshman year. I did not get along with my roomate so I spent a lot of my time in their rooms. All eight of us found a way to room in the same hall the next year and now we share a suite together. At Kenyon you will make life long friendships. At the end of each school year, we have an all day event called Summer Send-Off. DUring the morning and afternoon, activities are held on Ransom Lawn for the members of our community (face painting, jupiter jump, sand art balloons, etc.) Towards the evening, various schoolbands plays. It culminates in the performance of a famous band. (Student do tend to drink all day and night on this event.)


Popular teams: Swimming--longest running winning streak in the nation for national championship wins in any category or division; Rugby, both men and womens; a Capella groups; theater; Greek organizations--more popular among guys. I was a captain of the Women's Rugby team and it was a lot of fun. Its a club sport, with a lot of social as well as athletic components. There are a number of road trips and tournaments and lots of parties on campus after games or on weekends. Students usually don't lock their doors if they have roommates, and apartments are never locked. Events of all sorts are generally well attended, but usually not overwhelmingly. The dating scene is non-existent. There is single but hooking up or married lifestyles. I lived next to my best friend freshman year and met my others through my sorority, classes, mutual friends, and sports. 2 am on a Tuesday I'm probably studying/chatting with friends/catching up on some tv. Traditions: freshman sing; all campus lounge parties all first semester; formals in winter and spring; rush in February; pledging second semester; ghost stories at Halloween; Summer Send Off festival (drinking all day, lots of free stuff, games, and a concert at night with a decent band). People who do party party 2-4 nights a week, from most popular to least on Saturday, Wednesday, Friday, and Monday. Greek life is a big part of campus, but not essential to join a group to be involved in their parties. During rush and formals its necessary to be a part of one to be involved, but otherwise parties are open and all are generally welcome. There are always alcohol free events, especially before 10pm, like a play, concert, sporting event, or social board activity--like lazer tag, or a trip into Colubumus or $1 movies. Off campus nearby there is Wal-mart, the High diner 24 hours, Fiesta mexican restaurant, or in Columbus there is plenty of shopping and all kinds of food and OSU.


Ultimate Frisbee has been the thing that defines me here. I joined the team right away, and all my best friends play with me. That's not to say I don't hang out with other people too. You could party every night or not at all here, and people do both. I locked my door for the first couple of weeks, but now I rarely even close it. Dating is easy here, because you always see people everywhere. I met my girlfriend at a party and we've seen eachother pretty much every day since then without trying too hard. The only problem is when it comes to actual dates, you have a pretty limited set of places to go. We have an active Greek community, however by no means must you be Greek to party.


There are Greek organizations on campus, which to me sounded scary. I was unsure about how I would fit into the Greek community, if at all. I ended up joining Archons, a co-ed Greek service organization, during my sophomore year.


Party nights are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday with a few extras scattered in occasionally. Parties range from big (a few hundred) to small room or apartment parties. Fraternities are responsible for most of the bigger parties but these are still relatively tame compared to frat parties at most schools and are always open to everyone. While partying often involves drinking, there is rarely any pressure to drink, even if you hang out with the party crowd. Freshman year I was a varsity athlete and had 48 hour dry before games but those dry nights were some of my most fun party experiences. While the party scene is probably the predominate social activity, there is always other stuff going on too. There are a lot of small live music shows, movies, performances going on most of the time. The dating scene is pretty weird and dominated by random hook-ups that might turn into something slightly more serious. I met my boyfriend playing Ultimate.


Students are recommended to lock their doors because we don't know how many people outside of campus came in and steal things. Frat and Sororities are not important. People don't have to join a greek organization to have friends. One can find friend anywhere on campus. Just reach out. Saturday can be a movie night between friends or going in town for a good meal. There are things that students can do beside drinking.


im in the archon society...a fraternity/sorority that is all about community service. i am also involed in the campus newspaper, the collegian. contrary to popular belief, all the athletic events i went to were pretty well attended...swim meets are extra fun becuase there is some amazing eye candy lol. dating scene = non-existant expect for a few hard-core married couple types. hook up culture = in full swing, more so, in fact, than that of larger universites, at least according to my friends that attend said larger school....that factor, of course, could come from the fact that we are such a small school and there are these little circles in whcih everyone knows everyones business and for some, dibsing becomes a huge deal...if im up at 2 am on a tuesday...which i am...i am studying in my room. there is the freshman sing every year. people mostly party friday and saturday, and some on wednesday. i generally go out 2-3 nights a week. i have heard that about 25% of the student body does so as well, hence those little circles i get to know everybody pretty fast.but i would say that we throw AWESOME parites and my friends at UC school have expressesd their profound jelousy that they dont get to got to 80s workout, or "Things that Don't Exisit" or other oddly-themed parties. we have more themed parties than i thought possibel,a dn people actually really get into it....they take their costumes seriously....very seriously....and then we get all dressed up, guzzle cheak beer together, and dacnce like mad to 80s and hip-hop....its sooo crazy fun! and ususlaly the weekend starts with.....omg this was the hardest week ever...i've had sooo much work to do...lets go get DRUNK!!! to be perfectly honest, i dont really know what people do on saturday ngiht that doesnt involve drinking, but heresay says that some people jsut hang out, watch movies, you know, that kind of thing. haha there HAVE been a few weekends i've stayed in, and as i sit cozily in my bed, reading, watching movies on my laptop, i laugh to myself as i hear people stummble home around 2 am, singing, laughing lougdly, talking and think, oh gosh, i hope i dont sound so obnoxious, but of course, i do, and itss all great and fun. and then i wake up, sans hangover, and am like, ok, i have got to go out tonight! early on saturday nights, if there is say an acapella conert, i would not miss that for the world....and those are usuallly at 8 pm so they dont in any way interfere with your party life haha. going off campus usually involveds a trip to wal-mart, and once in a while, to the movie theater. if you can, i would strongly advise you to bring a car-- you will be glad you did. im still working on petitioning the parentals for that one....


There are many things to do, you just need to get yourself out there. Even if you are not a party-er, there are things that can be don for enjoyment, 2 dollar movie nights for one. If you are a party animal then there are numerous parities that you can attend. Also, Kenyon will through a few, non-alcoholic, festivities in the mix a treat for the entire campus.


Greek life involves 30 percent of Kenyon students. Greeks provide nearly all the of the open campus parties and all do community service. There are more fraternities than sororities, and many people are anti-sorority. There is nothing official to do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking. Social Board sometimes organized activities that end around 11 p.m., but if you do not want to go to a party, it is up to you to decide what to do. It is possible, however, to go to party and not feel pressured to drink.


Parties are pretty easy to find at Kenyon, which is another thing that separates it from many school. Fraternity divisions in dorms are usually places to be. Also, after music concerts, there are often really fun after-parties. This Friday, I'm going to the Kokosingers' concert (an AWESOME male a capella group), then to their after-party. Saturday, I'm going to see Fools on the Hill, an improv group, then go straight to a Stairwells' concert, a "folkapella" group. Then, I'll go to my friend's radio show, where she'll probably have a couple of beers for me and my friends. After that, who knows? Sunday, I'm going to a theater production of One Acts, and then to the college's Gospel Choir concert. Admittedly, there is a lot to do this weekend since school is almost ending, but one can easily find just as much to do on any given weekend. The frat scene here is interesting--there are the stoner frats and the bro frats, and all of them have parties on the weekends. The frat scene is definitely not huge here, though, and easy to avoid if you don't care for that scene. If you're not into parties or drinking, there are definitely things to do. The Social Board, as well as first year CAs, are always planning events that don't involve drinking.


I've heard the dating scene can be awkward, mainly because it's a small campus and word travels fast, but many people do date here at Kenyon. Those who choose to party most often do so 2-3 times a week (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday). For those like myself, who aren't into that sorta thing, you can always find people who just want to chill and play games or have a movie night. Most people don't leave campus on a regular basis, but some take the shuttle into Mt. Vernon (the neighboring town) on $2 movie nights or take a trip to Walmart. Most of the fun takes place on campus, though.


Social Board does a great job of ensuring weekend activities that do not involve drinking. There still is a pretty large drinking atmosphere at Kenyon. Most of the student body are frequent drinkers (at least twice a week). I met my closest friends freshmen year. We both signed up for the "wellness" living space, which is designed for students who want to lead healthy lifestyles (i.e. don't drink). If I am awake on a Tuesday at 2am, I am in the math building working on a project/homework assignment. There is no dating scene at Kenyon. You are either in a relationship or you are not. There does not seem to be any way to just get to know the opposite sex in a dating fashion. There are random party hook ups. Theater is pretty popular. Some great speakers do come to Kenyon. I make an effort to see it, but the work load does not always allow that. Fraternities and sororities provide the majority of the parties on campus. However, most of the students are independents. Going off campus typically means going to Columbus (55 min drive) for some fun activity. Otherwise, it is just a quick trip to the nearby town for groceries (10 min. drive).


the only social activity here is having sex and drinking. these events are managed by the frats and sororities. this is really their only function other than raising money. this money is then spent on more beer. if i am awake at any time of the day i am probably studying, checking facebook, or staring at the food on my plate in disgust. people party four times a week. it is also said that if a person drinks more than three times a week, they are considered an alcoholic. i hate to think what percentage of kenyon's population is in this category.


The party scene pretty much gets laid upon the Fraternities, which are not stereotypical fraternities as you will find at larger schools. Most are inviting and friendly, and everyone is looking to have a good time.


Paryting happens every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights and that is about all there is to do at that time. There isn't much to do in Gambier besides party. For some people this is the biggest problem about coming to Kenyon. You can just hang out though if you don't party and chill with people, or go partying and not drink. Guest speakers are fairly common and there is usually at least one a week. Some big events that happen yearly are in no particular order: Summer Send Off, Shock Your Mamma, Phling, First Year Sing, Founder's Day. Frats and Sorority's are not that big on campus, though they do exist.


One group I'm a part of is the Archon Society. We're techinically a co-ed fraternity, but we only became greek recently. Our main focus is community service. I was big into community service in high school and I think it's something everyone should do, which is why I've joined. It's got just under 100 active members, which is good and bad. Good because we get more service done and there are more people to meet, but bad because we're in a greek system with only other small frats/sororities, so we get treated like a small frat, which we're not. The people I know in Archons are really fun, and our officers are for the most part really organized and good as melding the social and service aspects of the frat together. The dating scene on campus is really weird. People either just hook up or are seriously dating. Casual dating is virtually non-existent on campus. Kenyon brings a lot of great speakers/events to campus. This year we've had Margaret Atwood, Christopher Guest, Jamie Lee Curtis, and more come. In the spring, the school also brings in a band for Summer Sendoff. There are also other musical groups coming in and out throughout the year. I think the social committee realizes how isolated Kenyon is, and so tries to bring in the speakers, bands, etc. that we would have been more exposed to if we were in a big city. I think it's great, and I've enjoyed every speaker I've seen.


The swim team is sick. 29 consecutive national championships or something like that. There definitely isn't a jock culture on campus, but sporting event are pretty well attended none the less. Plays, musical performances and lectures draw large audiences too. Students are not overly concerned about there safety. Most dorm room doors are left unlocked despite please from the administration. The college currently does not have any swipe card systems for entrance to forms or the dining halls, but the administration is trying to change that despite heavy student resistance. The frats exist, they through good parties on the weekends, but most students don't pledge. Most students go out on only Friday and Saturday nights.


There is a pretty big social life here at Kenyon. Everyone is entitled to do their own thing of corse. Some of my friends like to stay in and watch movies on the weekends and others like to go out and party. Everyone is very open and non-judgmental on whether you drink or not as well.


Lots of things to do, sometimes it'll feel like there's nothing. Definitely a "rich get richer" thing where you'll only be popular if you're...popular. But great social life at Kenyon. Lots of readers and speakers and dances and such. Also good for the non-drinking crowd.


I would have much more fun here at night if the drinking and partying culture were different. I know I sound condescendent when I criticize this, but I miss living in a place where drinking is not the main thing that makes the difference between a "fun night" and a lame night. I have good friends here who don't need to drink to have a good time, but it bothers me that the majority of students here lean on alcohol like a crutch and are willing to drink in excess and endanger their lives. I like drinking, but it is not a necessity for me, and I where I come from getting wasted is not cool; what is cool is holding up to alcohol and not behaving like a crazy person.


Frats aren't a necessity but do host most big parties/social events. There isn't mcuh to do but party, and the parties can get old after a while. In short, the social life is by no means extravagant.


I'm in the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Fraternities are not the same as at big schools--they are very friendly and their parties are open to the campus. Students in dorms leave their doors open usually. Guest speakers often come. Sports are not very popular here, unless students actually play them. Well, I at least have never been to a sporting event yet this year, because I don't have much interest in watching Division III competition. Although, our swimming team is outstanding. Fraternities host most of the large campus parties, but they're always open. I personally drink most weekends, and most of my friends do. But there are movies and comedians and other activities on Fridays and Saturdays for those that don't.


Social life at Kenyon sucks. It's intense, cliquey, catty, and isolated - worse than high school or middle school. Kids are very active and friendly, but the party scene is boring after two months because of lack of options. There are weekends when there nothing going on, which I thought was the opposite of college, though you could drink seven nights a week. Average is going out three. I met all of my closest friends freshman year through parties, hanging out, dorms, etc. You just have to get out of town at least once a semester, and if you don't have a car, I feel bad for you. Living in Amish country is quaint, but after a while, you want more. Looking at percentages is deceiving: fraternities are very important on campus, but there is no real alternative for girls (a few local sororities without much presence due to housing inequivalent to the boys'). For a relatively Greek school, the party scene leaves a lot to be desired, and everyone is thankful when they are 21 and can finally go to the two bars in town. Dating scene? Dating doesn't exist at colleges where everyone already knows each other, unless you're already sleeping together. If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I'm probably walking home from the library or hanging out in someone's room watching tv or a movie or talking. I'm probably asleep. I'm not sure what events there are on Saturday nights for non-partiers (I DO have friends that go out and don't drink), but there are some groups that have like pajama party movie-viewing things. I've never been. Outside of the party scene, lectures and a capela concerts are well attended. Sports games are sometimes - depends on the weather and the team (boys soccer does alright, no one watches football). Apparently we have a great swim team? Some fun traditions are the Halloween party, Philander's Phling (all school semi-formal), and Summer Sendoff (big all-day party and concert in the Spring). I go off campus around once a week to eat dinner, shop, run errands, see a movie, and try to keep my sanity.


I'm involved in the archery club, which is both where I made a lot of friends and met my boyfriend--it's a great way to blow off steam on a Friday afternoon! I know lots of people that complain about the dating scene, and maybe I just got lucky, but I know lots of happily dating people--it's easier to find compatability at clubs and organizations than at parties, I think. There's usually a big party or two at the south end of campus every weekend, but I've never gone--I'd rather hang out with my friends. Getting off campus to the nearby town of Mt. Vernon means taking the shuttle, always an interesting trip!, but it means visiting lots of other restaurants, some big chain stores, or the movie theater. Sometimes it's just great to get out of the bubble. Middle Ground, one of the cafes on campus, is a great place to hang out, but sometimes it can be hard to get a table.


As Bob Dylan once said about Kenyon, "If I went here, all I would do is go out into the woods and drink." Bob, you are right on the mark.


Some sports are popular, like swimming and basketball, but not much else. Anything involved with the visual and performing arts is really huge. Fraternities are popular here as well since they throw all the parties every weekend. Partying is the biggest activity on the weekends and on Wednesday nights. Drinking is huge here. Most people don't seriously date; they tend to hook up with one person frequently (aka "Kenyon dating"). Every year, there's a school dance called Phling, and if both the men's and women's swim teams win the national championship, there's another school dance as well called "Shock Your Mama." You can guess what happens there. Last weekend, I played Twilight Imperium with my friends for thirteen hours. It was pretty sweet. Off campus, most people either go home, visit friends at other schools, and go into Mount Vernon and Columbus to shop and eat.


Kenyon has a huge number of groups on campus, though usually they are fairly small and/or informal. Hillel is a little bit more organized because we have two fabulous house managers. The Kenyon community is very open, or tries to be. It's pretty rare that students steal from other students, but it isn't unheard of that kids from the nearby town do so. There was a pretty big uproar recently when the college decided to introduce swipe cards for the doors, even though any student card will work on any dorm.


If you're awake at 2am on a Tuesday, you're either studying or cruising Facebook even though you know you should be studying. During the week, it's school all the way for the majority of students. I would definitely describe Kenyon as a work hard, party hard school. It gets so stressful that if you didn't party hard, you would explode. The fraternities and sororities are the main groups that throw the big parties on campus, but there are also plenty of smaller, more intimate options if you know the right crowd, and there's also absolutely no pressure to join Greek life. If you ask a frat guy why he joined his frat, chances are he'll say something about brotherhood, camaraderie or family that sounds like some bullshit from a brochure, but it really is true. That's one thing that impresses me about Greek life at Kenyon--it's not just a means to an end (the end being drinking). If you don't drink, there's usually some sort of goofy school-sponsored activity like karaoke, sumo wrestling, or a trip to Columbus for bowling or a movie, but I get the impression that those aren't too popular. Most people who don't drink hang around the dorms and goof off with their friends, watch movies, etc. You can definitely have a good, chill time if you decide to stay in on a Saturday night, but honestly, most people don't stay in. Off campus, there's Mount Vernon, a medium-sized town in comparison to Gambier, about 5-10 minutes away from campus, and there's a shuttle that runs every hour taking people to Wal-Mart, fast food, the movie theater, or to a mexican or chinese restaurant. That's fun every once in a while, especially since Wal-Mart is a great one-stop shopping spot, but I honestly don't go into Mount Vernon that often. Unless you really get restless, or are craving Taco Bell, it's really not necessary. We love our bubble!


When I was at Kenyon, I only locked my door when I went away for break. I think that's changed, but it's definitely indicative of the culture at Kenyon. Athletics are severely unpopular at Kenyon. There is no dating scene, just a hook up scene. Most of my closest friends lived on my hall freshman year -- we lived together until we graduated. The rest were on the paper with me. At 2 am on Tuesday I'm probably doing some reading or taking a trip into Mount Vernon for some tacos. Traditions include Phling (big party in February), Freshman Sing (embarrassing but necessary), Summer Send Off (wake up at 9 am and start drinking, dammit!). People party a lot if they want to. There's always a place to go. The fraternities are a fairly big part of campus life because they provide parties, but they are never exclusive and can definitely be avoided. Freshman year, frat parties were pretty necessary, but not as much later on. Sororities are a joke. Off campus there isn't too much except your bare necessities: walmart, food, the like. Columbus isn't too far and is a really cute city. There are different things to do Saturday nights if you aren't drinking, it really depends.


The thing I love most about Kenyon is that whatever you want to do, as long as you're not hurting yourself or others, it's cool. If you want to stay in and watch movies and eat pizza with friends, that's great. If you want to go to parties, there are always some raging down South. If you want to join a band and play (or go to!) gigs, there's probably a free concert. Because we are small, the attitude is get as many people involved as possible, so things are usually cheap and doors in dorms are open. If you're bored, you're not trying.


There's a well-known phrase on campus that "football is to The Ohio State University what writing is to Kenyon." That's completely true. Students are more interested in intellectual or collaborative pursuits than they are in "typical" college activities. That's not to say there aren't parties: the swim teams famous end-of-season "Shock Your Mama" party was mentioned in an issue of Playboy Magazine. Essentially, Kenyon students work hard and party hard. The a cappella concerts are packed full to the point of standing room only, and most everyone has stayed at the library late enough to hear the "geek bell" (the closing bell) at least once a semester. Theater is very popular, and there's always at lest five campus-wide events going on every night--and more on weekends, of course. Unlike most colleges, there's not a whole lot to do in the nearby off-campus areas, so the students create their own entertainment. Frats and sororities are not a major part of life, but they are often the ones throwing the free campus parties. I'll never forget how I met some of my closest friends my freshman year. During freshman orientation--which takes place three days before the rest of campus arrives--there was a huge storm and the power was knocked out for over 48 hours. My hall gathered in the darkness with flashlights and laptops and passed the time watching movies, scaring each other, getting to know one another, and running back and forth to other dorms. It was like summer camp, and I couldn't imagine a better way to start my Kenyon career. We were a community from the very start.


ARchons, a comunity service group, has the most members of any group on campus. I am a part of the Sailing club which was just started and with each group you jin it gives you a new group of people to meet and be friends with. Students are very into speakers at Kenyon. Often, if they are popular and well advertised, the entire auditorium will be filled. Dating can be intense at Kenyon because it is so small. Most people have hooked up with the same people by the time you graduate. I met my closest friends through my freshman hall, sailing club, ultimate frisbee, and my sorority. If I am awake at 2am I usually drive into McDonalds with my friends because I am most likely pulling an all nighter and they start serving breakfast at 2am. Phling which is a formal is anual, Halloween in Old Kenyon, and the Shock Your Mom event. Frats and teams are pretty influential because they hold all of the large parties on campus but you do not feel pressured to join one. Last weekend I went to a formal for my guy friend, a concert, a cowboys and indians party, and a mo-town band presentation that my friends are part of. Off campus you can drive into Columbus or Easton shopping center which is 45 min away.


Kenyon sports attract a large swath of campus life, but those activities do not extend much beyond the participants themselves. The same applies to the theater, dance, and art programs. The campus a Capella and comedy groups enjoy a little more transcendence. Dating takes on an odd dynamic in such a small student population, and the aftermath is even more troublesome. Most friendships form either between participants in a mutual club or activity, or from the early awkward mingling of Freshman year.


The social life at Kenyon is really interesting. There are tons of groups, each with its own meeting time and place. If you don't find a group you're interested in joining, it's easy to make your own. I'm involved with a lot of theater and political rights groups. I've never once taken a theater class at Kenyon, but it doesn't matter at all. I've been the Production Stage Manager for several plays, and worked on lots of Senior Thesis productions. Most Kenyon students don't lock their doors. It's a really trusting atmosphere. Of course it's not a good idea to leave your door unlocked, no matter where you live. But the fact that you don't feel the need to is cool. I tend to be more of a home-body, so I don't really go to big parties that much. I much prefer smaller parties in a friend's room over the huge, noisy, crowded parties. However, the fraternities and sororities have big parties pretty much every weekend, so if that's your thing, you can find it. However, those parties do tend to be a bunch of crappy music and cheap beer. But of course, that's just my opinion. Fraternities and sororities are not really important at Kenyon. You can go to pretty much all of their parties, even if you're not a member. The groups themselves don't really do much other than parties, so you're not missing out on anything if you don't join. I spend most of my free time hanging out with friends. We mostly watch movies, play video games, or just sit around and talk. Kenyon is really laid-back during free time. We have several events that happen every year. A lot of them are normal dances, but some are really different. During Summer Send Off, there's a huge stage set up on one of the lawns, and several Kenyon bands open for a well-known band. The event also has a activities set up near the stage to keep you entertained. The dances are really great. Spring Phling's theme is usually really cool, and they really go all-out to match the theme. The biggest event is a party called "Shock Your Mama," which the swim team throws after their season ends. I think it's one of the wildest parties thrown at any college. The name basically explains itself: you dress yourself up in a way that would shock your mama. It's always interesting.


Greek life is small in percentage, but throws lots of big, open parties. Speakers and Social Board events are well attended, as are particular sporting events. Students stay on campus for the weekend to socialize, which is great. There is always tons to do.


This all depends on how one takes it in. I could be the most boring time ever, or the best. But one needs to make it the time if thier lives, especially in this small rural town of ours.


Greek life is fairly popular among males, a lot of people are in sports, such as myself. It gives me a good group of friends. I leave my dorm room unlocked. Guest speakers and theater may be somewhat more popular than athletic events. The dating scene isn't that great--there aren't many places to go on dates where you won't see everyone know. One thing that happens every year is Sendoff. I think that some people party as many as 3 times a week, others as few as 1 or zero. Greek life is important in that people do participate and keep the organizations going. Last weekend I was sick so I ran in track meet, slept, studied and watched a movie with a friend. There are organizations that sponsor alcohol free fun on Saturday nights. Off campus I go to xc/track meets, go to Walmart or go shopping.


students do leave their doors open. personally, mine is always locked if me, or my roomies, are gone for more than a few minutes. there isnt enough presssure for students to lock their doors!!!! seriously, if they did this, then what need would there be for proxy cards to be a necessity Except maybe in an emergency. these students are ADULTS! treat them like it!


The performing arts are big on campus, and intremurals are getting bigger. Students rarely leave their dorms open, suggesting that they are usually sleeping or sitting alonw doing work. At 2am on a Tuesday, I would be finishing homework and studying for an upcoming exam. People party on the weekends, and some party on Wednesday nights, but about 1/3 of the campus (at least) doesn't bother going out on any night. The dating scene is completely stereotypical: you're either hooking up or married, and there is no other option.


Kenyon has a couple gatherings that many students look forward to. These indclude Fling, Shock Your Momma, and Summer Sendoff. To be honest, the dating scene here can get a lot better. I guess people are just not creative, however, I have friends who cook for their boyfriend/girlfriend, or take them out to Mt. Vernon or Columbus. The party scene is most live on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. Social Board does a really job hosting events and bringing people together. Whehter they drink or not. And all parties on campus are open to ALL of the studens. So, is a fraternity or sorority is hosting a party, they do not mind random people in their division, as long as they are all having a good time.


we leave our doors unlocked the dating scene blows omg these guys here are just straight up not funny and the ones that are ... are funny in a pretentious sort of way saturday night ... hmmm... doesn't involve drinking?? i don't know school work??