Kenyon College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


those who value career placement over actual love for knowledge and learning, those who value a huge party scene, those who aren't intellectual personality wise


Anyone who can get in


Someone who wants a very urban environment


Someone who loves being lost in a crowd should not attend Kenyon. As stated previously, there is no anonymity at Kenyon, and gossip travels quickly. Also, if a Kenyon student misses a class, he or she will not be surprised if the professor comments about the absence or even e-mails or calls the student. Additionally, someone who craves big-city life should not choose Kenyon. The nearest mall is located in Columbus, which is over an hour away from campus by car. Someone who needs to constantly try new restaurants, clubs, etc. should not choose Kenyon.


A student that does not like to work hard or any student who is not comfortable being around rich, caucasian kids.


A person who does not like to interact with others, a close-minded and intolerant should not attend Kenyon.