Kenyon College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish someone would have told me how many actual quarters and Tide detergent I would need to get my laundry done my first year of college. I also wish someone would have told me to get to the dryer as soon as the dryer has completed its cycle , because people would pull out my items and place them on the counter for all to see.


Not to be afraid to get involved with different activites and to take new classes. To really embrace what it means to go to a liberal arts college. To take a wide variety of classes and to learn to do what I love, not what is expected of me. College is great because you finally get to study what you want and talior your classes to your personality.


I wish i had been more aware of all the different opportunities there are for students, such as guest lecturers and special performances.


Bringing everything you were too embarassed in high school to let anyone know about, you will not be judged.


The only thing I can think of is that it is a really small place, everyone knows everyone and there is really no way to escape or avoid seeing people you might not want to see (even professors!) I didn't think about that too much before coming to Kenyon... it turns out that I really like the smallness, but I know people who come to Kenyon who don't like it.


The creative writing classes require a writing sample.


To invest in weather-appropriate attire before the first winter.


How easy it is to get help from your professors... they are so happy to see students!


I wish I would have know how tough the academic portion of the school was.


I wish I had known I didn't like Biology so I didn't have to expunge my first Biology grade. Other than that, I knew everything that I needed to know about Kenyon.