Lafayette College Top Questions

Tell us about the food and dining options.


There about 2 major dining halls on campus, Upper Farinon and Marquis. Upper Farinon has stations set around in one half of the dining hall that serves plated meals. The sandwich station is popular, but so is the Grill. The pasta bar also offers the soups of the day, and the dessert aisle usually gets a fair bit of traffic. Marquis is a self-serve dining hall, with "home style" cooking and an ice cream bar (yay!) that I avail of whenever I can. The other dining options have their own hours of operation. Gilbert's, famous for its nachos and chocolate-Oreo milkshakes, is open from 6-midnight. So is Simon's, the sandwich shop. Skillman library has a cafe that serves Starbucks coffee, and there are many delivery options (Italian, Chinese, Indian) that students can also avail of when they want to get a little adventurous.


Their are plenty of dining options at Lafayette and most of them are very good. There are two main dining halls with all you can eat buffets (farinon and Marquis), a food court and two other options that offer sandwiches, burgers etc. One of these places (Gilberts) is open late night and is a popular place in the early am for Nachos.


Two students give their opinions on the food at Lafayette and which dining hall they think is better.


I give a quick tour of Marquis Dining Hall, one of the 2 main dining halls on campus.


This is Lower Farinon, a dining option on campus.

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