Lafayette College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


At my school, an overwhelming amount of people join greek life. This can make some people who would not normally want to join greek life feel like they have to in order to fit in. Greek life has many positive aspects to it such as the community service that many fraternities and sororities take place in, but they can also have expensive dues that must be paid in order to join. This can put a strain on those who do not have the money to pay.


I found that with Lafayette being a strong Engineering and Economics school, it was difficult for me to find alumni who could help me find a career as a Psychology and Spanish double major. I feel that I still received an amazing education and learned a lot in my fields, however there just seemed to be more emphasis and help given to students of the scientific or economic majors.


I think the diversity on our campus could increase.


Some people may not like the small size, but if you already know that going into it, Lafayette is not the place for you. Also the food could be better, but it is not worth complaining about.


The worst thing about Lafayette is the meal plan.


The worst thing about my school is that since it is small it can tend to feel somewhat like a high-school, in relation to gossip or privacy matters. Other than that I sincerely have no complaints about my school.


While there are some students who are very enthusiastic about intellectual discussion, there are also many students who are either unenthusiastic or actually detest and avoid discussion.


The worst thing is the kids who don't do schoolwork. Everyone has tons to do and is rushing around to do it and these kids are drunk and screaming on a tuesday night.


I don't feel like the school caters enought to students for how much we pay to go there in terms of the administration.


Lack of diversity, location


Social life. The only thing there is to do is drink.


lack of diversity


the worst thing about my school has to be the fact that there are still some aspects of diversity that have yet to be acknowledged. i think that because there are a lot of international students, that the school is diverse. this is far from true. out of about 2500 students, i'd say that at least 250 are not caucasian. they think they're done, and i applaud their efforts, but more needs to be done.


The thing I consider worst about my school is the housing. It is difficult to get offcampus housing even as an upperclassman. Although housing is promised all four years you are in attendance it does become obnoxious to live next to a freshman as a junior or senior becuase our priorities change and do not like to be distracted with freshman partying.


The students are generally upper middle class to wealthy, so they have enough money to spend on drinking and not worry so much about keeping their grades up. Partying is a major aspect of this school.

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