Lafayette College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is driven to do well academically and is able to handle a very large amount of work from their classes. Lafayette is a school for people who are outgoing, friendly, and smart. Many students also tend to be athletic and are either involved in a school run sport, a club, or just go to the gym to keep in shape. Lafayette is a school of highly motivated people who tend to know where they want to be ten years from now and decided that this was the best school to help get them to that place.


people from small towns probably would feel the most comfortable here. anyone who is outgoing and sociable would pretty much fit in. it is important that students here are focused on thier school work and are very driven. it takes a lot of personal skills to succeed. a student who is more than book smart is ideal - common sense and savvy are good qualities to have to attend this school


An outgoing, social person who is also willing to set aside time to do work. The school offers enough social life if you join a fraternity or sorority, but the student also needs to be able to do work even with multiple parties going on.


OK with knowing prof's personally, not afraid to stand out, not looking for big-city opportunity, likes leadership opportunities, open to a diversity of interests.


Ability to achieve with distractions, desire for smaller school, looking for near cities but not in them.


Outgoing and social. An in depth thinker.


Someone who is motivated and excited to learn should attend this school. A person who has many interests would be very happy at this school. Someone who wants to become a more well-rounded and wants to develop a broader mind should attend this school.

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