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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could back in time and talk to myself I'd have a lot to say! The first thing I would make sure to mention is that I need to take advantage of the A+ program the school offers becuase that is free money they give you for college and it's really going to help you out. The second thing I would mention is that I need to get more invloved in school. For example, I should sign up for STUCO, be an active member of FBLA, continue on with Pep Club, and maybe even get into DECA. The third thing I would of said to myself is that I should focus on school and getting good grades more than the latest gossip, or trying to be popular becuase in college none of that will matter. I'd tell myself that I should take advantage of the college courses offered in high school because it will prepare me for college. The last thing I would say to myself is that I should keep up with cheerleading beucase I can get a lot of scholarships for participating in a school activity, and it will keep me healthy.