Lesley University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It is "in art that the heart, the head, and the hand of a man come together," in the words of John Ruskin, and at Lesley University, a private, coeducational forum of learning, art and the intellect and and person's active drive come together and the end result is world-class writers, expressive and fine artists, teachers, counselors and thinkers.


Lesley is a well connected community if caring, motivated, and accepting individuals, which includes a supportive and engaging administration and facalty.


Lesley is very environmentally conscious, focused on students, with a strong interest in alternative therapies, such as art therapy. A great school for education majors and psychology!


Lesley University is a fun place to learn how to be a teacher.


Lesley is a very expensive school for a mediocre education of useless majors


Not enough athletic facilities. Money given to school is not properly used. Food in cafeteria is of terrible quality. Athletes are not given enough attention or support by college community or acknowledgement by surrounding community.


Lesley University is great place to recieve a hands-on education in environmental science working with inspiring professors in a small-classroom environment.


Let's wake up the WORLD!


Its like a high school


A great place of evolving yourself with all the resource necesities needed.