Lindenwood University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My class mates are mostly reserved. hey are not very interactive. I tend to envolve my self with my track mates.


My classmates are fun, conversational, friendly and resourceful.


The majority of my classmates are usually more focused on their collegiate sports rather than their education and in such the work ethic and classroom discussion suffer.


Most students here are driven to learn all they can about their selected field, while also interested in maintaining an active social life.


Diverse and interesting people.


Everyone is very interactive and knows eachoter.


My classmates are encouraging and have a positive attitude.


I have a mixture of people: some are native Missourians and some are from different countries. They are extremely friendly and willing to share their experiences and any pointers to help you succeed. What I like most is that not all of them are fresh out of high school: some are like me and had to take a break before they could attend college, so I don't feel like the "old lady" among a bunch of "youngsters." There is a wonderful mixture of humanities and science majors which is great for variety in converations.


My classmates are intelligent, passionate inidividuals with a desire to learn and to graduate in order to help shape the world for the better.


My classmates are truely diverse, traveling from many foreign countries to attend Lindenwood.


If you go into the cafeteria at Lindenwood definite groups exist. Certain tables or areas are always taken up by the same athletic teams. Others have international students from their home country, and then there's the students who participate in the arts programs. Lindenwood almost feels like high school part II in the cafeteria. Lindenwood generally has a casual atmosphere with most students wearing sweat pants or jeans to class. Religion is not predominant on campus, and most professors are liberal.


Many are conservative midwesterners while the rest are from other countries such as Panama, France, Bolivia, Japan, and India.


the students here are overworked alcoholics.


A lot of cute girls.


This school is small enough so that people with the same major really get to know each other well over the years. We become like a family.


They were intellectually stimulating and tolerant of my views.