Lindenwood University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


One of the best things about going to Lindenwood were the small classroom sizes. I became close with all of my professors, and all of them knew me by name. For the most part all of my professors were willing to help when needed. For not being a religious school, Lindenwood maintains strict rules regarding separate dorms and no alcohol policies. A lot of times on campus students feel almost babysat by security who, if they catch you in the other gender's dorm or drinking on campus, will immediately be expel you from school pending a hearing. With one offense most students will be allowed back in school, and be forced to do "community service," which mostly consists of lawn maintenance or picking up trash. Recently Lindenwood has taken more steps in creating a more student friendly atmosphere, but for students who are not from the St. Louis area and live on campus they can feel trapped without much to do on the weekends around campus. Lindenwood definitely lacks an adequate student union. Lindenwood does boast around 40 athletic programs, however, most students do not become involved following these programs with the exception of football and basketball.