Lindenwood University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The teachers here seem to genuinely care about the students education and making sure that they understand the course work.


It is really growing, just went to Dll from NAIA. But the campus still has the feeling like everybody know everyone. The campus is awesome, they are always upgrading things. All the buildings and football stadium are great.


I enjoy the diversity amongst students and the open, free discussions allowed in classroom settings.


The best thing about my school is the cultures. Lindenwood University has one of the highest Foreign Exchange programs in Missouri. I learn so much by talking to my classmates. Sure books teach us, but I think one of the main reasons kids go to college is for the social experience. I learn so much talking to someone who lives in South Africa. It humbles you and changes your perspectives on life. I feel we are ambassadors to our country and we teach foreign exchange students so much about our culture. I feel blessed to work with so many people.


The best thing about Lindenwood are the classes and the professors. The university has no lecture hall classrooms, so all class sizes are kept small and the personal attention and quality of education received is excellent. The professors themselves are all there to teach. The university does not hire any research professors, so students never find themselves taught by graduate assistants. Student education and success is the focus of the professors. Overall, Lindenwood University is a fantastic school and I am extremely happy with my decision to attend.


The students, because they are the most nicest people you could ever meet.


The flexiable


the shooting team and the tree lined campus.


The best thing about my school is that you get to meet a lot of new people and they are very excited to meet you. People at my school are very excepting for you and want to talk to you and ask how you are doing. Also the professors at the school are very helpful if you are stuck on your work or have questions. The environment of my school is great it's very easy going and even though my house isn't too far from school I feel like I'm in a whole new place.


Biology and Chemisty professors and nice but other than that there is nothing good.


I believe the best thing about our school is the new arts building that was just built. Its a great additon to our campus.


There is a large amount of diversity at Lindenwood. You get to experience and learn about alot of different cultures and people .


the amount of financial aid is incredible


Small classes where professors know the students and are always open to talk too. The professors are thinking of the student?s success.