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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Life keeps moving whether you go to college or not, however, your experiences and opportunities are extremely limited without college and you lose amazing opportunities to develop life long friendships and networks that will help you throughout your life and career. When searching for a college, while cost is always a factor, focus on the diversity and engagement of the college within your community and globally, as this will bring you the most satisfaction during your college years and reflects the quality of education you will recieve.


In my college expierence I have gained a sense of real, tangable, beautiful, timeless Legacy. Legacy is what you bring to your life after you figure out what your going to study the four years your here and who your going to work next to.. its Legacy that enriches you and is shared with others when it matters most. I have knowledge and committment and a drive more than most; I am willing to commute 2 hours to attend school to be a nurse, that's the Legacy of my grandfather and now I have my own Legacy. Our memories give me more drive to go to college, and become someone then anyther strength I have. Most of all the college expierence has given me a Legacy that I get to share. Its given me my own Legacy. I get to share our new Legacy with my children and it is my Legacy that will drive them to be the people that they are. College has allowed me to leave a Legacy... a name behind.