LIU Brooklyn Top Questions

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My experience at Long Island University has been good. Long Island University has an on campus tutoring office that would greatly assit the incoming freshmen. The majority of the faculty is also willing to assist students achieve their potiential. My college campus also has a dormoritory, bookstore and several eatttery options, you do not have to leave campus during a class day if you do not want to. The reason why I chose LIU is because of the availability of partime and fulltime classes. If tutition is a issue there is a scholarship office on campus, LIU has covered everything.


My school is unique from other schools, because at Long Island University, they have at a lot of programs for the students to join. The have places for students to go for help with their writing.


we are few in the classroom so we are able to interact with our professors and pay attention in class.


I chose Long Island University because of its school of pharmacy. The program is very competitive and I was accepted into their Pre-Pharmacy program as well as the university's honors program. I was pushed towards LIU because it was a private school and I was told that a more prestigious name would attract more jobs upon graduating. However, I later realized that once you pass all the necessary exams for liscensure, everyone is basically on the same level. So, I am not sure what was so unique about my school.


What's unique about my school compared to other schools I considered is it's size. The campus is very small, but with big opportunities. I am attending this school as a Dance major. What I like is that the dance program is small, so one gets individual help without an overcrowded environment. It is also close to the Broadway District in Manhattan, where I am able to see Broadway shows without having to travel hours to get to Manhattan.


This school provides the private university education for me close to home. Many other good private universities that I considered were far from home. I like the fact that it takes me less than an hour to commute from home to school. I also enjoy the close-knit campus and the fact that one can go almost anywhere in the school without having to go outside using the connection bridges.


The professors care. That is one of the best things I can say about LIU. It is a wonderful feeling to know that, despite the difficulties of facing a new environment that is both academically and emotionally challenging, there are people right by your side to encourage you and help you along the way. And in the end, you know that those same people will be there to congratulate you whole heartedly! It is an amazing feeling!


urban environment where you have access to many stores and public transportation.