LIU Brooklyn Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school would be not being able to have all the textbooks needed for class due to financial issues. Some professors arent very kind hearted to the fact that some texts are just too expensive.


Location. I took three trains to get to school.


So far I have not found anything else wrong with the school besides the fact that the policy towards assistance is very strict and being absent 3 times equals complete fail in classes with little or no chance of making up any work. I say this may be an issue because I like to be open minded and realistic and I believe that students have a life outside school as well and it is unknown what may happen one day that may cause them to be absent more than the policy allows.


The worst thing about my school is how competitive the medical programs are. With all the competition going on, I know several students who found out on the second day of class that they were accepted or denied fromt their program of interest. At this point, they had to make last minute choices to maintain their financial aid for the year by taking extra classes or choosing another career within a matter of a few days. Also, there are some medical departments that show absolutely no interest in helping students which discourages them from even trying.


I feel that the size, and price of the campus is upsetting.


That we do not have parking on campus, I like to visit home alot and I cant drive my car




I am in the pharmacy program at my college where staying on top of the game is key. In order to succeed you need to maintain a good gpa or else you're either put on probation or get kicked out of the program. The program is very competetive and studying and doing well is the only way to succeed. School demands a lot of dedication and I value that. However, due to this fact, school may be very stressful. While all free time is put into studing, little time is left over for other activities, work included.


the worst thing about my school is that i really can not afford to attend... but i really love it


The worst thing about this school will be the tuition cost. I do not get any finacial aid, I have to take 20thousand dollars EVERY semester as a student loan in oder to continue to attend school. I am not the only one, and if you dont have above 3.5 G.P.A in this school you have no scholarships opportunities at all. Also, bursar dont understand that it takes time to get money for school, if you dont pay on time they charge you huge amount of late fees. PLEASE HELP


the worst thing is money..................too expensive.