LIU Brooklyn Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


In my opinion those who have dreams that they want to accomplish should definitely attend Long Isand University since it is a good place to be at to fulfill your dreams.


I believe that the kind of person that should attend Long Island University is the one that is looking forward to achieving a good education in order to fulfill their intended major along with a desire of wanting to stay within New York City. With both desires of wanting to achieve and wanting to be in such a nice place I think that is more than enough for someone to give this school a visit and deciding it's perfect for them!


i believe a strong minded person that is willing to study and achieve the best education should attend LIU. Now that i myself have left HS,i will struggle with my last breath to make sure i become that, that i have destined to become after pursuing my career in LIU.


Anyone who wants to make a change in their life, and have a career to support themselves and their families. In addition, to gaining an education and being financially stable.


A person who attends this university should love the urban city life. The Brooklyn campus of LIU is minutes from 42nd. street, so there is always something happening. Someone who loves the city life should definetly attend.


I would recommend Long Island University to students who are determined, motivated, and are willing to learn. Who would do whatever it takes to get a good grade, to be eager to meet with professors and participate in several seminars. Students should be hungry for knowledge and they're set.


There is no specific type of person that should go to this school. If a person wants to go to college this may be a school to consider.


someone that loves the city


someone who is on top of their work and able to speak up for themselfes, otherwise you may be overlooked.


Someone who LOVES the city and doesn't mind a small school campus where people are in your business. Someone with an open mind, accepting of all races and people. You'd have to rather a bar/club for your social life than a frat/sorority. There aren't any huge parties unless a friend has an off campus house. The campus may be small but the city around it is amazing. Brooklyn is community-like and Manhattan is 7-10 minutes away on the subway.