LIU Brooklyn Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


very easy to get ionvolved in clubs sports and academic ventures, I am a walk on now for cross country and also getting involved with the pep squad to keep good grades and become successful


I consider the best thing about my school to be the honors program. I feel this is the best thing because it is a very diverse program with students of many majors. Also, the classes are far more personalized and you get the opportunity to become familiar with the professor. The class population is much smaller and youhave the chance to get to know everyone in the class and make more friends. Also, there are people who are always willing to help. There is a lounge just for honors studntes where they can talk to counselors and mingle with students.


Attending orientation at Long Island University there was information for Respiratory therapy . It is an undergraduate profession and I am for sure that is a passion for me to help the health field especially when the world is surrounded by air contamination and that most diseases are from the air bourne. The best thing about the college I am attending is having a department for students with disablity, since I have a hearing loss in my right ear. The staffs are very polite and provide effort to accomdatate our needs for classes as well for others that have related disablity.


I think that the best thing about my school is that, there are people there who care about your future. Everyone from the professor, to the financial aid advisors, to the tutors genuinely care about your education, and help us during our trials and tribulations to help us tom succeed in college.


Long Island University was a very diverse school led by talented professional individuals who were experienced in the fields they were teaching. Small class sizes which yielded to more individualized attention. Learning environment that encouraged continuous improvement and one-on-one tutoring/mentoring for areas that you needed to improve in.


I believe that the professors and teaching staff are exceptional. I feel that I leave each class with an increased drive to learn from the obviously knowledgeable faculty and to absorb the information they share. Approachable, informative and experienced, I consider myself lucky to be able to connect with each of the professors I've had the opportunity to study with. The level of comprehension and wisdom I perceive my professors to have are undoubtedly the greatest thing about Long Island University.


The best thing of my school, Long Island University, I would have to say is the overall community of the school and staff. Even though my school does contain an overwhelming amount of students, we all seem to act towards each like a family. We correspond and benefit off each other, as well as obtaining an excellent education from our teachers.


The best thing is the renovation of the chemistry labs and how easy it is to get involved in research.


The best thing about my school is the environment.For one its surrounded by all types of different people. We have many stores, resturants, banks,and more around the campus. The campus may not be big as others but its a very nice size. If you ask me the teachers actually seem to care about the students and their futures.


Great health programs and great laboratories and facilities. Very good tutoring center.


The best thing in this is it has the major i like. Because it is the only pharmacy college in NYC that accept me.


I would say the acdamics it offers because all majors at LIU are well known and very well ogranized.


the diversity


Various academic programs and campus is in a central location accesible to various transportation


where it is, like new york and the friends i made