Livingstone College Top Questions

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It is historically black made way back in the nineties. The average calss size is seventeen to twenty-five. The staff seem to care.


What was so unique about this school, compared to the other schools were that it is bigger than the other school that i looked at. Another thing is that this school was offering to give me a parcial academic and a parcial athletic scholarship. When I first came to Livingstone, I was talked to like I was an adult and once I accepeted, things change and I began to be treated differently. Another Unique thing about this institution is that it is an HBCU.


There are many things that make my school unique compared to other schools I considered. The first thing was the historic look and feel of the campus and surrounding area. Second was that it had great programs offered in the field of my choice. I also loved the way the faculty and staff treated me with kindness and respect. The class sizes on campus are also a plus for me. They are not to big or to small and provide me with a great learning experience. The students at my school are open minded environmentally friendly. I love it!