Livingstone College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Livingstone College is the lack of improvements to the college when it pertains to using the property owned to facilitate classrooms, jobs, dorms etc. Also the students should get more involved in showing more pride and dedication to their school and making efforts so that Livingstone could be a more prestigious black institution to attend. I am a third generation Livingstone College student and I hope to graduate cum laude from Livingstone College and to make a difference in the community where I reside.


THe worste thing I can say about my school is that it is small and everyone knows everybody. Sometimes people do not know how to mind their business.


The worst thing i considered about my school is are Financial Aid department. The reason why i say that is because, I am award to the State of Florida. Being on your own, and paying for your college on your own is really hard. The Financial Aid department they want their money, and when they want they money the want it now. Yes, i get work study, but the money i earn for that is for me to be able to buy soap, toliet paper, and ect. Its hard when Financial Aid wants to take that from you.